Minimalist Vamping

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcXAAAAJGE4NGI2NmEzLTE3YjUtNDE3MS1iYmI2LTg0Yzk0NjM2Yjg4ZAThe woman facing me in the mirror gently whispered “it is time to revamp your style!” For the past two years I had not spent much time looking in the mirror or considering anything more than comfort. It started with a manicure.  As women we can look down at our toes and see them pedicured, and we can look at our hands and find them elegant and attractive, but we get hyper critical of the lines we see around our faces, neck and chin!  Oh let us be content with who we are as we RESET our minds about fashion. The art of living well is to have fun!audrey-hepburn-audrey-hepburn-6395876-1280-1691What do I have that is sharp, easy, yet edgy!  I read a brief biography by Audrey Hepburn’s son and he informed the world that Audrey was simple, that she had a few elegant plain black dresses, a string of pearls, a bulky sweater, and jeans.  She was indeed the first Hollywood minimalist! At the modest age of 71, I am aware that I allowed my appearance to slide after a brief season of grief. This blogpost helps me balance who I was and who I am now. Living your best includes a style that changes. Seasons come and go, and so does STYLE, however, modesty remains the same. Confidently we dress with great care to reflect who we are. Modesty is a forever fashion statement that we eventually mature into. Aged like fine wine, when we are comfortable within our soul, we reflect a charming simplicity in our fashion taste. Audrey a woman who could afford anything taught us all a lot by her simple preferences. audrey-hepburn-greenjpg

Staring into my closet collection of bohemian choices, I began to consider who I was, and who I am now.  I am a mother, a grand-mother, a wife and a woman who has always loved fashion.  In my youth I dressed in a pen striped suit and wore my hair slicked back in a vogue-double-breasted-women-blazers-2016-spring-hot-deep-v-neck-suit-jacket-black-medium-long-blazer-coat-m15123111ponytail with red lipstick.  I also wore mini-skirts and long 60’s hair, bell bottoms and false eye lashes.  I’ve been a redhead, a brunette, and then and for years now, a blonde. After much thought it occured to me that I prefer solid colors, black, white, red and the classic look of a double breasted blazer with perhaps a chunky necklace, or pearls.  In June 2022 I posted a few current pictures of me in a group of elder women. “Hola all you beautiful women! After getting my nails done and hair styled…I confess I am just emerging from a 2 year funk. Your posts of color with accessories inspire me to get back into caring what I look like. Alas, it is a common journey for a mother whose child died — to not care as much about appearance. Looking in the mirror, I know my MOJO is coming back cuz I can hear my son’s voice sayin ‘that’s my momma, don’t she look great!” To my pleasant surprise comments of support and encouragement began pouring in from around the f_884523_1globe.  At least 5 other mother’s who had lost their children chimed in with sweet words of comfort and hope. Linda Waldon wrote  “This is for you if…..YOUR APPEARANCE IS LIMITING YOUR LIFE. You’re a go-getter, but lately you don’t feel like getting up and going anywhere because you don’t feel comfort in your soul. You want to feel like you used to in clothes – in or out of the house. The FIX: Put-together some playful and chic outfits, take photos and give yourself the FREEDOM to choose LIFE!  Twirl again with a renewed spirit as you rummage through your closet and drawers for the look that matches HAPPY!  Our bodies change, we age, we wrinkle, but there are clothes that perk us up.  Go on a journey through your closet and choose something FUN!  REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE.  Menopause does not stop the clock, or your style! Unleash the girl in the woman and dress to make yourself smile.”

So I laid outfits on the bed and took pictures. I had FUN!  In Mexico, we wear loose and baggy, nothing is tailored, but there is plenty of beautiful colors. It’s a land of spandex and polyester. Enough is enough! The hair “do” must also make you feel comfortably YOU! The Wedge Made Famous

20180203_115156 (1).jpg

I pulled out some things out of the closet and began staging a new look!

Heidi Lane lived the life of a New York Fashion model. She says “If your closet looks like a museum, change it up!  All those dusty shoulder items from the past no longer fit who we are today, so donate, donate, donate. Have a garage sale and use the funds to get a few new frocks!  If you enjoy being stylish but feel stuck in a rut, it is time to be the change, be the butterfly not the caterpillar.  Heidi Lane’s life summary on a link in the comment section. With over2019 bangs pulled back 10,000 female members of a fashion page for seasoned women, all shapes and sizes, all over 50 years old… posted their favorite fashion items unabashedly with a thrill for a new outfit!  It has been so refreshing, and inspiring to play “dress up” once more!  Truly, we are so lucky to be female, and to change the way we saunter  through life with a new “do” a new “charm” and more “poise” because of how we reflect on the outside, how we are feeling on the inside!  We are amazing, we are creative, we are uniquely designed by God and He is well pleased when we dress up in our best!  SUGGESTION: Lavish yourself with a long hot bath/shower, look online at fashion and hairstyles, then go shopping in your own closet and pull out something that you have never worn, or that you are waiting to wear to some special occasion.  Turn up your favorite music and vamp about by yourself in your favorite finest.  Put that fake fur on, that red lipstick and kick up your heels in gratitude that you are a rock star in your own unique way! Gain Clarity on what looks great on you! 1) Decide what you LOVE to wear!  2) Clean out your closet, your drawers, those shoes!  3) Look in the mirror and stick to the colors that compliment your tone! 4) Do NOT buy it because it is on sale, and do NOT buy it because it is a new fashion!  NEVER, never wear it again if you don’t feel your best in it.  5) Minimize your choices to ONLY favorites that make you feel striking! Before-After-200x104@2x

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