Timely Lessons


All that is needed is a basket of balls, clubs and proper shoes to begin my timely golf lesson with Romero.  Care to travel in my cart across the lush green expanse…. all a glitter with morning dew?  My used set of Big Bertha Gallagher clubs should lift any stubborn ball up and away…hopefully NOT onto the cozy beach that hides that mysterious flat porch of green.  With a quivering lip, I grabbed a five iron and warned “It has been at least 10 years since I had a club in my hand.” In my first lesson I was glad to learn that my new clubs 34016695845_eef94311f1_zindeed fit my Bertha sized body.  The rules of this Club state that only soft spike golf shoes are permitted…..so I ordered a pair that Dorothy herself would love to click!  The rules also state that only two persons can ride in a golf cart at any time. Tee Hee Hee, little does anyone know, there were 3 in the cart.  My invisible passenger, (the One who never departs) Juan and I.   To employ a Caddy is indeed a lark of Irish luck!  Juan will fetch my burrowed ball out of the thicket, sand or lake! A Caddy is a sacred companion that 33143044673_0ff5bc712f_zdelights in cheering each dribble, each ball that goes thud! What a privilege to chase the dawn …in a cart with a guy who gently encourages “Bueno Senora”!  To my delight one or more players must employ a Caddy.  The minimum fee for taking my difficult assignment is only $14.00 USD for 18 holes. Such a DEAL!  As a solo NOVICE, I choose to NOT join others for now.  I prefer the sanctuary of the sunrise, with just a Caddy as my golf daddy… for a day without regret for however I duff it!   My personal experience of timely lessons…..is indeed triple bogey…laughable! economist-trumpAfter digging my way out of a trap, more than once,  my coach adjusted my stance, evaluated my swing, inquired about my goal? Gently I was reminded that my putter does not read the green for me. The girls I will be playing with set their goal to 10 swats per hole…after which they count no more. A guaranteed score of 90 for nine holes. The policies include a dress code.  No tank tops, t-shirts, cut offs, bathing suits, short shorts or jeans allowed on the golf course.  Oh for JOY, I must shop and get a golf skort, for this sport – knowing that a scratch golfer I shall never be!

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