Chuckling over Choices

14457316_1590905764545651_6925698358888728971_nTo begin with, it is time to roar back at the hungry, lying tiger that seeks to devour me!  Today I choose to take inventory of my choices and responsibility for my results. Today a wonderful chuckle interrupted my focus as I attempted to bend over to buckle up my shoes!  I heard a wheezing like I was climbing a mountain! Wisdom whispered “Forgive yourself and make wise choices today. Concentrate your efforts in this present moment, with Me. 14368804_1588951491407745_8793703695883591906_nToday, know that I am with you, that I am guiding you, that I will never leave you. Forget the failures of the past, and yesterdays poor choices.  The truth is that self-sufficiency is a myth.  Your health can disappear instantly as can life itself.  Accept your inadequacy and your dependency on Me as a rich blessing.  It is time to rely wholeheartedly on Me for My power will empower thee….for My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”  WHOA!  The dawning of this new day is a gift from God and I will NOT  yawn, and take it for granted! Today I choose to be thankful that humility jolted me and that humor rocked me into sanity about choosing wisely during the day set before me.  “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”  James 1:2  Walking in His wisdom, I heed His direction and make my goal for this hour, NOT to o-HAPPY-facebookbe better than anyone else, but simply to make better choices than yesterday.  Today I shall employ what I know to be wise.  Oh my, I do FEEL the JOY!  It is erupting like an earthquake that I might RUN for my health and vitality.  Applying the “Lighten Up” lessons from 2016, I know that at age 65+, my metabolic killer has NOT been that I have been working out too long, or too long, or too frequently.  Those scientific concerns  _91409708_thinkstockphotos-505175324

will not be something that I must overcome! I CAN DO THIS!!! The best time to eat meals to impact my ability to burn fat is between 11 AM – 5 PM.  From 5 PM to 11 AM = 15 hours for the body to digest, burn fat, and eliminate.  Normal days of grazing have been from 8 AM – 7 PM and the EVIDENCE of my body shows that it’s in a fat storing mode. To FIX my metabolic killer I must STOP eating early in the day, and late at night. NOT so active-peoplemuch eating less calories, but better calories during a shorter window of time — in which I feed. The TRICK is easy, do NOT eat until 11:00 AM and that will kick start my fat burning metabolism. IF I must, I can simply drink unsweetened tea when I wake up in the morning. Women in their 60’s need a working strategy to burn fat, lose weight and feel electric again. Researchers say may be the broader benefit is that this daily FAST between grazing helps control blood sugar, improve memory and energy and perhaps boost immunity.   When I am in a FUNK,  I choose a sandwich over a salad. It is time to WAKE UP and smell the TRUTH! What I eat, when I eat, and how often I eat dramatically effects my ability to burn fat. “I know what to do, and on most defiant days….I don’t do it!” HELP ME LORD, get me out of defiance and intohappy-habits-FIcompliance!  “Lead me into the JOY of cardio exercise that increases my metabolism!” Cardio is as easy as walking up a flight of stairs or spinning in the yard! A variety of activity is key so that I will NOT get bored and self-sabotage and drift away from what the Spirit is screaming.  I shall keep a journal of all answered prayers, and my activity and food taken in.  This gives me immediate accountability and sustainability.  I choose to stay on target with intelligent exercise. Golfing with an early TEE OFF of 7:00 AM – will get me “out there” — mostly before the real golfers show up and I become a hindrance! Exercise consistently delivers a FEELING of well being as it relieves my stress and and enables me to sleep like a baby.  OPTIONS: Push myself as hard as I can for 15 minutes while walking.   When it is hot, swim a few laps and chuckle about how buoyant I am. I will swing a
14705712_1601241883512039_7534081502355893252_ngallon jug on my patio and consider how happy elephants are. A Zumba class at the club.  After exercise is when the real fat burning magic happens. This is when I choose to avoid sugar, starches, and those salty taco chips.  The wise choice is hunker down and ‘shush’ the tiger that I can hear what the spirit is saying. “Drink lots of healthy liquids.” Oh YEAH! Hymica kool-aid.  Hymica has zero calories, zero fat, and it works to eliminate toxins, and purify the kidneys. RECIPE: Purchase bag of dried Hymica. Boil in huge pot, Determination_Quotes4simmer for 4 hours, strain into giant pitcher. Sweeten with Stevia. Pour over ice to detox your temple. I choose not to suffocate the indwelt Holy Spirit with overeating and broodishly choosing to not move. Today I choose to HONOR God as I move “in Him” for His glory.  Okay, I confess, I took one of those cheesy tests on Facebook today – Knowing that God works in mysterious ways, I will take this quote as a sign to slap the tiger and roar as I go! “Barbara Alley Hoyle, determination is your best quality! Out of your multitude of strengths, determination rises above them all! You soar above all obstacles and many are encouraged by your winning personality. You can do this! The quality of your grace filled determination impresses your Father in heaven!”  AMEN

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