Groovy Bug Song

A girl screenshotWow the clouds are settling at the base of the mountain, and Jose is out there serenading the Cicadas again! Music is one thing, but I never…nor will I ever encourage the rain by playing the Bug Song on a saxophone!  It is chilling to see all those ugly bugs clinging to Jose’s shirt, however, the sound of the Mexican Rainbird causes we locals to celebrate!  The thing is – most everything is a reason to party, but we certainly cheer when we hear the prehistoric-looking Cicadas chirp!  ‘Why’ you may ask — are we glad to know that bugs are near?  Well, the surrounding mountainsides, and the crops are david_rothenberg_playing_cicadas_bug_musicbrown and thirsty for some thunder pouring rain and we’ve been dry since mid-September to mid-June.  The fascinating legend that locals cling to is that after you hear the first chirps, six weeks later the midnight showers begin! My Mexican neighbors also smile and inform us “Senor Garcia puts on his sombrero as he anticipates rain” On the South shore of Lake Chapala, we also can witness clouds covering Mount Garcia. The creatures actually sound like old Rainbird water sprinklers as they conduct their mating calls.  Fascinations never cease as an expat. As the Cicadas emerge from their long winter hibernation, the teeny bopper Cicada lust rattles the trees.  As I marvel at the sound, my eyes get fixed on the yellowing palms waving, the Monarchs prancing, and the clouds forming! Trill on Rainbird, Trill on!

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