Tropical Delights


As an Expat I still marvel at the beauty and pace of the people of Mexico.  Living at Lakeside, NOT to near the busy metropolis of Guadalajara – we enjoy the sound of birds twittering, church bells ringing, the clop of horses down our cobblestone streets.  Such a vast variety of green and vivid bloom.. 33619379393_319dcda6e3_z

These photo’s were taken on my trip to Chapala to do some banking.  Today is a Wednesday and the Snowbirds from Canada, Chicago, New York, Indiana have flown the coup and the Tapatia’s from Guadalajara have gone back to work after celebrating Semana Santi (Holy Week). 33619375183_e508218e80_z


The malecon – The board walk – The pier.  Photo taken at 10:00 in the morning on a Wednesday.  This same place is buzzing with family activity on the weekends.


Fishing boats are out.  The pier is empty of people. A cloud cover picture perfect day.


Local police patrol on bicycles, motor cycles, and ATV’s.


Gustovo and his son worked 4 hours in our garden for $28 USD


Gus planted a new Hibiscus tree between the palms on May Day 2017.


Just me and the fishermen milling around Lake Chapala.


The sign says “Where Love, Culture, Family, Tradition, Lake and Son are regarded.”

Branding my site as Living Abroad – most appropriate.  Thanks to WordPress class.


Daily photo challenge began May 1, 2017

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