Why Fiesta on May 5th ?

cinco-mayoDo we really need a reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Is it just a day to enjoy Mexican food, tequila, or a margarita? What is the reason for all the fuss?  Well, as an expat living in the country of Mexico, we have learned that the people love each other, music and most importantly it’s traditions. There are several fiesta’s every month, but May 5th is the most misunderstood of all the Mexican holidays.  The day is often referred to as cinco_de_mayo_comment_18Mexico’s Independence Day, but that holiday actually falls in September.  So, why the party on the 5th of May? Truth be told,  5/5 is still important to Mexico’s independence. The reason Mexico celebrates on May 5th began on that day in 1862. Benito Juarez, the country’s first indigenous president, had just managed to suppress a rebellion that tried to usher in a monarchy instead of a republic.  It was a three year civil war that destroyed the economy. Mexico owed money to Spain, England and France. President Juarez was a great negotiator and England and Spain agreed to extend ShowImagethe debt due date.  But then there is France, and they chose to invade Mexico City on May 5, 1862. The French were defeated that day by a small band of ragtag peasants. That short lived victory is the reason why the Mexican people celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The French came back with even more soldiers and took over Mexico City.  The French then installed an Australian guy named Maximilian Von Hapsburg. Max had never been to Mexico, yet he was ruler over the Mexican people.  Hapsburg’s reign in Mexico only lasted for three years.  The truth is, living in Mexico is a privilege and we respect their traditions. Each month we learn of another victory to be celebrated.  It is our pleasure to “connect” with the history and culture within the country we live.

#developingyoureye – CONNECTing with what I picture in my reality

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