maxresdefaultIs she blindly speaking about darkness while standing in the light?  Oh man, that is bold! Indeed, rather feisty words from a woman in flames. Her words embed deeply into a thirsty audience who walk in a dry desert. She anchors words feverishly as she spins hope.  She encourages others who watched her rise from the grave of despair. She claims victory after having been dissolved by defeat.  Tirelessly she fights the great enemy of depression. She questions the cause, she scrutinizes the why of it all.  A wiser woman may have surrendered by now, but she holds on to sanity by a thread.  The magazine lifestyle that she pasted on her vision board is a lie. The voices within pitch fastballs at 100 miles per hour.  She swings and misses and feels the pressure of bases overloaded. Without an umpire, a fair game day is impossible. She calls for a time out and hustles to lock herself up in silence till the medley of voices grow hoarse and stop. She feels a bloody mess for the battle, yet she shows up, dressed in armor ready to speak the truth in love.  The gift of transparency, an honesty that the world needs. I was blind and now I see her clearly, a woman of dignity.

via Daily Prompt: Blindly


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