KETO Caramelized Onions

Simple ingredients that make your mouth water while you GO GOURMET with caramelized onions.  On the KETO plan we use real butter while we create dishes that can be used to satisfy your longing for great meals.  These caramelized onions were the topping for pork chops.  You can also add the caramelized onions to a beef or chicken broth and top with the crunch of bacon rinds instead of croutons.  20170913_141057.jpg


  1. Three white onions
  2. Butter
  3. Stevia20170913_141254.jpg


  1. Chop onions
  2. Add one whole stick butter to a pan
  3. Slowly cook onions until brown and add one teaspoon stevia

SERVE with pork chops, over a meatloaf, as a side to a lettuce wrap, or make an onion soup for a rainy afternoon!


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