Answers May Vary

1529318-bigthumbnailA Jeopardy question:  “What is a vision of soul penned? A dream articulated? A depth charge of words? An art form that transcends an individual accounting? A rhythm of thought expressed? A mystifying thought log? A bubbling up of emotion? A provocative entry? An encounter with the Divine?  The cause of infinite pondering?world-grain-iris-yellow-5002


Copyright  2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Answers May Vary

  1. I often ask where does such inspiration come from? “Why am I compelled to log a thought, to post a poem?” I’m not a educated, nor am I a woman prone to speak in ways that my pen moves. While in public school I did not excel in English or literature. I’m really rather mystified when I read some of the things that pour out of me. To be perfectly honest, I believe that God has a plan to use a few of my AMAZED2017 posts to touch a soul that He guides to this site. It isn’t about me; a benign blogger from a hiccup along a Mexican road, it is most certainly about Him and His plan to reach a soul through what He pours through my fingertips. I am in Christ, not a woman without purpose. Glory be to God!


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