Answers May Vary

5d57353929405e9cA Jeopardy question:  “What is a vision of soul penned? A dream articulated? A depth charge of words? An art form that transcends an individual accounting? A rhythm of thought expressed? A mystifying thought log? A bubbling up of emotion? A provocative entry? An encounter with the Divine?  The cause of infinite pondering? Who designed a hummer to flutter in reverse?1c8d1e393aa77a57


Definition of Jeopardy: Danger of loss, harm or failure

What would be the greatest loss of all? What harm is in NOT choosing Jesus as Savior?  What jeopardy looms if we fail to keep God’s Word? How long is eternity? Do you know your eternal destination? Wherever you are, God is and He knows you by name.31f089c278cbe5fc

Walk outside, look up and praise God for all beauty. I often ask where does such inspiration come from? Why am I compelled to log a thought, to post a poem? I’m not highly educated, nor am I a woman prone to speak in ways that my pen moves. While in public school I did not excel in English or literature. I’m really rather mystified when I read some of the things that pour out of me. To be perfectly honest, I believe that God has a plan to use a few posts to touch a soul that He stops with a pause to consider a word. It isn’t about me; a benign blogger from a hiccup along a Mexican road. It is most certainly about He who created all beauty. His plan to reach a soul through what He pours through those fingertips that are inspired by His Spirit. I am a child of God, therefore, I am a woman with His purpose in mind. Glory be to God!20210822_080115

The road He led me to travel. A remote village in Jalisco, Mexico


Barbara Alley Hoyle loving life as He gives me every breath, then He takes it away with a stunning sunset  

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