Who’s on First?

a9ea6ee436125552b6ed924dfae2d718Spring training begins the third week of February for pitchers and catchers.

In your game of life, who sits on first base? Abbott: I’m telling you their names!
Costello: Well who’s on first?   Abbott: Who.
Costello: What are you askin me for? I’m askin you!

You mean that Guy who knew Who?


That Friend who always listens…..

The One who responds in head scratching parables?

Yeah, that Guy whose ready to serve,

the One aware of what is not being said?

Yeah, that Guy who thinks about what is right,

noble, honest and true…that Guy?

The playful One who laughs at the days to come?

Yeah, He is on first, that Christlike hope for others!

Someday’s I do make foul plays, and when I strike out,

That Guy on first, He does not call me out!!!!

The World Series is playin, and you get to choose Who is on your First!

As for me, the Guy playin first – on my team,

Hey batter, batter, my Guy is Jesus,

now let’s play ball!

 Quit following the crowd, and be bold and follow that Guy!

Got no nagging qualms, Got no suspicious doubts!

He has your back, He is proud of your quest for the best.

It’s a blast knowing the Guy who knows your past!

Now, get out there and play!

Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

WORD for the day: Playful

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