A Seasons Gush

thumbRain kissed and sun blessed,  Summer scoots into the West with a smile to what comes next!  Waving hello to Autumn’s breeze, fragrant and magnificent!d9a0e50bfe1fe811c1eace18134cf922

Silvery droplets pinging the roof, blown dry with an August gush! There is no hurry, absolutely no rush…hurricane winds did uproot trees and displace people, yet Winter’s frosty wet …..will once again arrive but not just yet…..Take a pause and watch nature shed what was ….. to celebrate what is to come!orange-201761_960_720.jpg

Ahh a forceful glee escaped my silence…Goose bumped to a gladdened chill, it’s hard NOT to be awed by God’s unmatchable orange…and His cloak of righteous white!winter-flowers-wallpaper3

Positively expectant, I am stilled…tis another season of Glory coming!Fall 2017


Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

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