smiling-woman“Smile and the whole world smiles at you!” There is actual scientific proof that the aforementioned statement is true! Known as a great American psychologist, William James concluded that our facial expressions, (a smile or a frown) is not a registered consequence of an emotion, but the JesusSMILE or the FROWN is the cause of feeling happy or sad. Imagine greeting an upbeat friend, or a dog wagging it’s tail…picture it in your mind.  If a smile swept across your face in the act of remembering, your SMILE is what caused you joy.  15137479_1644704872212578_3686398382430746396_oActors effectively use facial expressions to conjure up the appropriate emotion to project on screen. Pretend you are happy and you will delight in your day. Make believe that you are angry and you will feel anger.  Our internal emotions are aroused by our facial expressions and our thoughts.  It has also been recorded that a woman smiles 62 times a day while a man smiles only 8 times. For both men and women there is evidence that smiling may lift your mood, so why not just smile and increase your JOY!The-average-woman-smiles-62-times-a-day-and-the-average-man-only-8

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