Fully trained in 5 steps to transfer the love of Jesus and evangelize in Mexico. #1 Greet people on the street with a smile on your face as you make eye contact. #2 Ask if you can give them a hug as you extend your arms ” Puedo darte un abrazo?” #3 After you gave them a hearty hug ask them if you could pray for any sick family members? “Puedo orar por algun miembro de la familia enfermo?” #4 Then simply say that my God understands English, smile, then pray for their family in English as you ask the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to salvation. #5 Then ask them if they talk to Jesus directly, if they know Him personally.  “Les hablas a Jesus directamente? Quieres conocer a Jesus personalmente?” Le hablas a Jesús directamente? If they say YES, again pray in English that they receive Jesus as Lord. The Holy Spirit will do the translation. Invite them to a local Christian church. Hand them a copy of WHO I AM IN CHRIST in Spanish.  Leave comment and your email for a PDF file of “Who I am in Christ” in Spanish.66486394_1901659359866289_6564057728895942656_o

A Wonder filled Warrior Wednesday! “Few have any real tenacity these days, or any real determination to keep pressing in through prayer, to “stick it out” until they see God moving.  Our Father desires to build us up with patient, enduring faith which is counter culture to our society of instant results, microwaved meals, and a drive-thru mentality.  Many may say the sinners prayer, but because it does not work instantly, they give up and continue in their old unbelieving ways. 67219040_926308437707706_4395317841071439872_nFollow through is most important. It is fantasy  to think that one  shallow confession will be sufficient when the newcomer to Christ returns to his family, his job, his culture of an impersonal Jesus.  God is looking for a people who are possessed and controlled by the Spirit, not by circumstances or unbelief; a people who will be led by Him through every situation to enduring and determined faith. The new generation rising up in Mexico are “rooted and grounded in love” (Ephesians 3:17)” As they continue to pray for those they have personally witnessed to, they also invite them to attend their local weekly Christian fellowship in town.  This weary gladiator fought an ugly 10 hours of warfare before i entered the bull ring in San Nicolas. In my yard, i twirled in praise, and I claimed VICTORY in Jesus name!  My Spanish is slowly improving, but His Love and my Hugs broke through all language barriers. 😎 Nothing can defeat His purpose for me! God weaved His way into this pueblo and on July 17, 2019 I met a family who live close by. Luis, Christina, and their son were walking home in front of me and the Spirit moved me to invite them over for follow up prayer. San Nic is a small village and Luis agreed to come over on Monday with a few others who also accepted Jesus as Lord. Today I realized how totally dependent i am on the Holy Spirit. From the bull ring the pastor said “This arena fills up with people cheering for man against beast. I’m here to decree that our souls enemy, the beast from hell who rages to kill us 🙄 is defeated by the blood Jesus! 66842750_926308364374380_7823810841274220544_nWe can all celebrate the authority God gives us to speak victory over sickness, and any strongholds.” The prayer warriors filled the ring and people who came on Mon + Tues returned with loved ones. In the stand I witnessed miracles tonight! Every step i take is ordered by God. Praying Gods Word today, His angels responded by opening the door for me to extend His love with my neighbors. Tonight by divine appointment I met Luis and family. Luis graciously agreed to translate for me on Monday as he brings his friends over. Our Father’ s massive favor is pouring out all over San Nicolas tonight. I am so blessed to be in such an intimate friendship with the King of kings, that He would offer me such an opportunity. All glory to God, our Provider of all good things. I record my dreams, and in April God showed me a stadium overflowing. www.1BillionParaJesus.org  event in San Nicolas? Possibly.🎀Every Praise is to our God! 🎶🎵🎶 Here I am send me. There is great JOY in yielding. He gives us opportunity to wield miracles as we yield 😍 The blessing of God 🤗 is knowing God😍Hugs demonstrate Love and break barriers, pass it on!67259570_923514894653727_5233775554095742976_n

The Wigglesworth Standard quoted ““The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me.” This is true power; this is possession. Only through a process of moment-to-moment yielding — denying ourselves until we become completely possessed by the Holy Spirit. Passionately possessed with an obsession to obey 😀 Obedience “at every call” is of utmost importance. As we listen, God will call on us daily to go there, to speak thus, to pray for… When we discover how precious it is to live in obedience, His way becomes our delight. Many Christians think that they are obedient because they do not disobey the rules —they carefully follow the dos and don’ts. But this is not all there is to live submitted and possessed by the Spirit. We must realize that the Spirit is ever waiting to guide us, to speak to us, to draw us away from the distractions and darkness of our surroundings. His desire is to bring us into fellowship with Him to the point of glad obedience.”66872257_927330247605525_7420999563823022080_n

When you live “clothed with” (2 Corinthians 5:2) the Spirit of God and are controlled by Him, you are not controlled by circumstances or a spirit of unbelief or doubt in others. We observe and keenly sense the unbelief in those within the circumstance, but we are not controlled by the doubt or unbelief of others. God will direct us in each individual situation, as He did through Wigglesworth. Questions: Are you to pray once and then stand in faith? Should you share a Word of God first to build faith until assurance comes and then pray? Whatever is needed for each unique circumstance will be revealed to you by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As His anointed, we are led to pray THROUGH until the Spirit gives us assurance. A miracle healing occurs, or His peace about the divine timing needed for His greater purpose is revealed. In any case, we stood firm, we obeyed, we spoke in authority as we trust God at His Word. This is the way of the “flame of fire” (Hebrews 1:7) “The Wigglesworth Standard” Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Our mind is part of our soul, and so is our selfish, sinful nature. Hebrews 4:12 ” The Word of God is living and active, sharper than a double edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and Spirit…it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” The activity of the soul/mind, our affections, our preferences are carved away by the sword from the pure Spirit of God in us. Surrendered to the pure Holy Spirit, is to be cut off from our thoughts. We live immersed, enmeshed and One with the Spirit in us. AMEN66486394_1901659359866289_6564057728895942656_o

Ahora las puertas de Jericó estaban cerradas con llave debido a los israelitas. Nadie salió y nadie entró. Entonces el SEÑOR le dijo a Josué: “Mira, he entregado a Jericó en tus manos”. ¿Captaste el tiempo verbal? Dios habla en tiempo pasado, no en tiempo futuro. Él no dice: “Yo libraré”. Dios dice: “He entregado”. El significado es el siguiente: la batalla se ganó antes de que la batalla comenzara. Dios ya les había dado la ciudad. Todo lo que tenían que hacer era rodearlo. ”  Autor Batterson, Mark. The Circle Maker ”

Now the doors of Jericho were locked due to the Israelites. No one left and nobody entered. Then the LORD said to Joshua, "Look, I have given Jericho into your hands." Did you get the tense? God speaks in the past tense, not in the future tense. He does not say: "I will deliver." God says: "I have delivered." The meaning is as follows: the battle was won before the battle began. God had already given them the city. All they had to do was surround it

Get out there! Dressed up in His righteousness and walk in His authority, trusting God to use whatever you say for His glory. Your smile speaks love, your eye contact shows love, your hugs transfer His love, “walk this way” in obedience and be blessed as one of His workers in the harvest field. 

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