Casa Changes

Our casa construction began in 2014 and it became the Hoyle Hacienda on January 26, 2017. A waterfall was added in May of 2017 and our carport was extended in August 2017. A mirador was installed on our roof in May 2018. In March 2020 it is under discussion to screen in our front porch to prevent birds from nesting, mosquitos from attacking, and scorpions from entering casa. Also a vision of extending the front yard living space by adding a covered patio to cover lawn bald spots and place BBQ outdoors under the cover of a custom built metal roof shade. This shady spot would also keep  Rags from being stung by scorpions in the grass and a place for him to take cover rain or shine. Change occurs in nature annually, and any Hoyle Hacienda changes will occur only after Mike and Barb agree to extend our living space. Click the first picture to view a slideshow with comments.   A Shared Paradise

Vivero Care in Mexico  Mexican gardens and Mexican color schemes for ideas. Plants that grow in Jalisco.  Less lawn, less maintenance for worms and scorpions

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