Stand Firm

Hold on to what you have – FAITH in God alone!

MOSES could NOT part the Red Sea. His responsibility was only to hold a stick (in faith ). Miracles are the work of God alone. He expects His church, His faithful remnant to BELIEVE in the power that He gave us. BE obedient and do what God tells you to do. Say what He tells you to say. Go where He tells you to go. Trust that His way is best for all. Stand firm against the Liar and praise jesus Christ for delivering us from ALL evil.

Favor is STICKY like honey! It is what happens when you meet a person that smiles as they greet you warmly. A simple gesture of kindness makes us stand up and be bold because of a simple “favorable” act of kindness. People may not always remember you for what you said, but they will remember you for how you made them feel. Today, I’m praying for the favor of God, and His endless supply of grace be upon you! Remember WE ARE HIS CHURCH and as such, we believe when we pray that our Father hears us!

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