Justice for All?

Ever notice that the female symbol for justice is blindfolded? Is it just me, or do the scales she holds up seem to be tipping to the left? With a STACK of evidence and the best attorneys, many of the guilty have been released back into the public. Remember O.J. Simpson? Even his children rejected him because they believe he was guilty, and yet O.J. is not in jail, but his consciousness I am sure is his punishment. THE USA is a COUNTRY, not a country club for globalists! A country is a land mass occupied by a population of people that agree to a COMMON set of rules laid out in a constitution…which we ALL live by.

The common law is to be ENFORCED equally to ALL citizens. The LEFT lives by their own set of rules and the COMMON law which is to be applied equally is IGNORED! Perhaps it is just simple GREED, and/or BLACKMAIL, but our ELECTED officials and the WIGS allow the LEFT to passby judgement, skip JAIL, and collect BIG money as they keep on breaking the law! FAIRNESS = JUSTICE FOR ALL! It is OK to have a sense of humor, and it is OK to vent our RIGHTEOUS anger and then VOTE the traitors OUT. My RANT for today January 18, 2021

Lance Wallnau posted “Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.” Matthew 22:29 – All error in life is due to either an insufficient revelation of the Word of God on that subject or an insufficient understanding of the anointing of God available on that subject. There is a Word and a gift of the Spirit for whatever your battle is! Don’t let the devil fatigue you in the fight. Ask the mightier one – the Holy Spirit – to reveal to you your missing piece. Lift up your eyes and look intently and watch for what He sends as a fresh perspective on your situation.

SING OUT LOUD – People get ready…There’s a train a comin’…You don’t need no baggage…You just get on board. All you need is faith…To hear the diesel’s hummin’. You don’t need no ticket…You just thank the Lord! So people get ready, For the train to Jordan! Picking up passengers…Coast to coast…Faith is the key~ Open the doors and board them. There’s hope for all…Among our righteous Host. There ain’t no room – For the hopeless sinner, whom would hurt all mankind….just to save his own !!! Have pity on those whose – Chances grow thinner…For there’s no hiding place! Against the kingdom’s throne! AMEN

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