Future Trip Planned

Making plans for our final destination. Moving funds within banks, and gladly deleting social media that bans scripture. We are ready and prepared to enter eternity with a clean heart, mind and soul. We will NOT breakdown, we will BREAKTHROUGH. God will NOT fail, He will FULFILL His plan. Our Father did NOT lose the battle of GOOD vs EVIL! He WON the moment the blood of Jesus was shed! We, His people will NOT live according to what any DICTATOR says. We will live by the Word of God. The world did NOT conquer us, we claim the VICTORY as our Father’s anointed warriors and we CONQUER the world as His overcomers! We take the authority we were given by God and use it for His glory! We are His church and we do NOT complain, we do NOT weep because we find peace “in Him”. AMEN – 1 JOHN 3:5 – Jesus was manifested to take away our sins. He came into the world to 1) Destroy the power of sin over us. 2) To pardon the guilty conscious of sin over us. 3) To cleanse us from the pollution of sin over us. Jesus suffered and died that His precious blood would accomplish God’s purpose. AMEN

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