In a Twinkle

Oh how I can fly …

I am here to testify

To lift His glorious name on high!

He rescued my soul

He erased my sin

He gave me new life ‘in Him’

No longer crawling or begging

As the apple of His eye

He twinkled and fed

a hungry caterpillar

Transformed me to fly

A new creature soaring high!

Let loose from the prison

He put me on a mission
His blood covered my sin
No shame, No blame

I am His and He is mine!
My pain healed by His stripes

My Saviour called me by name

He walked out of the tomb

And made me bloom!

Oh, My Redeemer Lives
My God sees me, He lives ya’ll

I know cuz He rescued my soul
His mercy is new every day

Nothing for me to pay

Just BELIEVE and ACCEPT His great LOVE

Oh, my Redeemer Lives
He will lift your burden, just give it to Him

He is capable, He is incomparable, He is incomprehensible!

Oh my Redeemer Lives, and I am here to testify

Jesus rescued my soul from the pit

He forgave me, He blessed me, He gave me a voice

To go and tell others, Jesus lives and He wants to pour

Out His endless love on you too!

By Barbara Alley Hoyle

April 11, 2021

2 thoughts on “In a Twinkle

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  2. Lord open our eyes, gives us ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying. TODAY is our day, NOW is our time. Oh Lord all our days were recorded before You knit us together to in our mother’s womb, and I trust that You created us for such a time as this! ❤️ We go gladly, fully equipped into the harvest field! We open our mouths and out of the fullness You gave us, we speak hope, life, healing and salvation to those who are ready for TRUTH. We are in hot pursuit of all that You promised Lord. We abandon all doubt as we walk in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit and worship You for Thy will be done with us or without us. While synagogues burn in the holy city, while a civil war burns in Lebanon, while Germany floods, and Rome once again revolts under the oppression, Your people Lord perish physically – never realizing their Messiah LIVES! In the Holy name of Jesus, and to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we pray for mercy on Israel. Lord, save Your people! Lord, save us!!

    🙏 Continue in prayer that the Word can effectively reside in you. Pray effectively in the Spirit, and through the Spirit be confident that Jerusalem will be spared for the return of Jesus on the Mount of Olives. Pray that the Holy Spirit will awaken the Jewish people that Jesus is the Messiah and that a revival in Jerusalem breaks out. Amen

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