Songbird Amy Grant

Amy Grant and Vince Gill what a match made in heaven!

Vince wrote a song called “When my Amy prays” – All my life I’ve known of Jesus, but that connection never came – And when my world was torn to pieces, I still couldn’t call His name. But when my Amy prays, when my Amy prays, that’s when I see His face. She gave me my first Bible, it sits right beside my bed, on the nights my hands are rattled, I turn the pages but its seldom read. But when my Amy prays, when my Amy prays, that’s when I feel His grace. She’s got my back and she don’t judge me. She gives my heart some time to change. Even at my worst I know she loves me, she’s my shelter from the rain. When my Amy prays — that’s when my hands raise.” Vince and Amy’s daughter perform together.

Vince told ABC Radio the song highlights the differences between him and his wife. “As much as it is lifting Amy up,” he said. “It’s about being vulnerable enough to say, ‘Her faith remains steadfast – me, not so much.’ “To me the real beauty of that song is the light that I paint her in, but golly, how is the right way to say this? Maybe the emotion comes from the vulnerability that I give myself.”

Family Reunions, Music and The Great Adventure

  • My dad Earl Alley was born on a farm in Little Rock, Arkansas and he took me camping. My sweet adopted dad Papa Doyle King allowed me to move into a cabin on his property in Lodi, Calif when I moved back to California from Texas. Outdoor campfires and cookouts while telling stories was a tradition I kept with my son Jason. We took road trip adventures to get-away and laugh about silly stuff. To celebrate my 70th birthday it would have been perfect to visit Tennessee and hang out with Amy along with my God loving, sweet music loving friend Diana. The greatest reunion will be when we all get caught up together in the clouds. We will attend the Wedding Supper of the Lamb together Jesus, family, friends and be singing, dancing and rejoicing! My son got snatched up in 2018 and in March of 2019 Diana and 800 other Christians boarded a cruise ship with many talented songbirds: Sandi Patti, Nicole Mullen, Selah, Anita Renfroe, Travis Cottrell, Natalie Grant, Veritas, Beth and Kevin Leitch, and Joy Cook and her daughter. It was the one year anniversary of my son’s departure and one night in my cabin, as God would have it, I watched a movie “Concussion”. Will Smith played the part of Bennet Omalu, MD who ended his career as the Coroner in Stockton, Calif. Diana met Dr Omalu at Barnes and Noble and she inquired “Do you happen to remember a big hearted man named Jason Newell?” As Dr Omalu performs autopsies, he prays over the souls. There are no accidents, only divine appointments. AMEN A Woman of Value
  • The 3 Day Weekend Pass with Amy Grant at her Tennessee Farm in October 2021 was booked then cancelled due to the global pandemic. This updated post is dedicated to a voice that strengthened my walk with Jesus. Released in 1990 these lyrics spoke to me when I lived in Napa, Calif – Amy’s voice and lyrics enabled me to draw close to God when I needed Him most. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, when I feel afraid, when I think I’ve lost my way, Still You’re there right beside me…and nothing will I fear, as long as You are near, Please be near me to the end. Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, I will not forget, I will love You till the end.” Thank you Amy for being steady in your faith, a great witness to the end. PRAISE God in all things, always, for His Word remains a light unto my feet. The movie Concussion is about Dr Omalu.

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