Thirsty for more

Humility and Mercy are 2 virtues that are inextricably linked. God has been merciful towards all of His adopted kids regardless of race, or religious observance.

We all would greatly benefit with more helpings of His mercy and unparalleled example of humility. Fully God and fully man, with both arms stretched out wide, Jesus revealed His love for us on the cross. Humility is the foundation of all other virtues. A humble soul pleases our Father more than any sacrifice.

Knowing we are nothing without God, our Father regularly opposes the proud. Divine mercy became flesh and dwelt among us, then invaded those souls that were open to be changed. All the works of mankind cannot earn the esteem of God. You are His witness, see the Father in all things good.

His church is made up of ordinary people. We who received Him, exist to bring others into an encounter with the overwhelming, soul lifting, life changing mercy of God. Our spiritual evolution is a direct result of His mercy. Find opportunities in 2023 to issue kindness and mercy.

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