Parrots Mimick

Ever notice the world wide narratives are never original? World leaders and the paid talking heads read approved scripts. The echo chamber speaks in all languages. Even Ceasar was baffled and asked, “What is truth?”

Jesus is the Truth the Way and life. He still speaks and His messsge never changes. He welcomes all to turn off the liar, and listen to His voice. “Come to Me, all who are heavy laden.” Before the noise of the liar began filling the airwaves, Adam and Eve enjoyed strolling along with God in the cool of the evening. Now the world tunes into the evening news, instead of God. Take a stroll in the garden, disconnect all devices and allow God to download the truth to all your questions.

Morning, noon, or night — time spent with God will lift fears, and burdens as He ministers His peace. Be healed, equipped and encouraged. Walk silently with Him in the garden of life. “Go into the closet and pray.” “Be still, be silent, and just receive all I have for you.” This recent aha message was spoken into my heart. Giving our time and resources is often easier than receiving.

Comparing my prayer life to all the “How to Pray” books on my shelf has kept me from enjoying the intimacy we already have. I’ve been released from self-condemnation as I submit my time to Who is worthy. I enjoy the receiving end of God filling me with His Word, in His Way, and in His stunningly perfect timing.

Communing with my Lord, I asked the Holy Spirit for a clarity. He whispered softly – “I want you to be a voice, NOT a parrot.” Later He encouraged – “I don’t desire birds of a feather. I created variety for My purpose. I gave you a personality and specific talents. Be authentic in your obedience. I need people who are willing to trust that what they speak or write comes from a personal revelation.” Yes, Lord, thank You for Thy assurance. The time I spend in the Word, and all the time I meditate on scriptures, God is faithful to issue patience and mercy as I divide rightly His word from lies. At times, a Scripture stirs up deep waters and becomes a blog post. Some are private treasures.

As I live and breathe, never alone, the reality of His omniscience humbles me. I post, but I rarely repost as I am not an echo. I am His chosen, His instrument, His Ambassador. Our Father has used all sorts, even a donkey to demonstrate that He is in charge. Enjoy how He created you for His purpose. Be His receiver.

I choose to read and delight my soul as I ruminate on Scripture. I personalize the Word, which puts me in a personal relationship with my Lord. The Holy Spirit is my Teacher and Guide. I trust that discernment and wisdom comes from God and His mercy and love covers and protects me from being deceived by what authors, pastors, or family that might mis-speak. I know my Shepherds voice and I only follow Him. Be blessed as you trust God. AMEN

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