May Day Delights

maypoleMay Day! May Day! Oh my goodness a double good meaning! Mayday is an international radiotelephone distress signal, used by ships and aircraft, however, when I was a little girl, May Day was a day of excitement!  We dressed in decorative, fluffy pinafores and pranced around a garland-festooned pole.  My mother was from Shuen Ecken, Germany and she so delighted to have her daughters partake in this German folk dance.  Back in the 50’s, during my elementary school years, we were instructed to hand out decorative baskets of flowers to deliver to our neighbors. May Day has always represented great expectations of something good.  The tradition of Good Will towards others goes way back to and article printed in the Gazette in 1871.  The seasonal maybasket2_sq-76e31016f44a02f64345beed9f49a7e871422ade-s800-c85May-Day Basket  was explained. “Tis something to be hung on a door. Made of paper generally, it contains almost anything, by way of small presents you have in mind to put in it, together with your respects, best wishes — love, perhaps. It is hung after dark at the door of anybody the hanger fancies. — Which done, the said hanger knocks and scampers.”  In May of 1925, two bold children hung May baskets on the White House front door.  I can whole heartedly contribute that; dotted along the timeline of my life, there are many happy memories that all arrived on May 1st.  Today we are planting a tall Hibiscus Tree in our yard, and it my delighted forecast that it will attract a congregation of colorful hummingbirds. May your May Day be full of lively shenanigans that bring joy to others and all glory to God.  Blessed is all His creations!

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