Looking Good


Looking for the lovely, I am  finding beauty beyond my human capacity to indulge! As a trainee, or rather a fledgling amateur, I am in awe of the grand talent found within the WordPress world of bloggers. I am delighted to be an apprentice within this vast community.  May Day 2017 marks my first 25 days of blogging on WordPress. Along with some flowers in my garden, I am planting a few words of gratitude.  Viewing your categories, and reading your art forms has expanded my hope to reach a wider audience.  I have been blogging elsewhere since 2007, I confess it is FUN and refreshing to  maneuver around WordPress and get such support! I love the month end map to see where interest abounds. I enjoy reading stories from Germany, England, Spain, Canada and the USA.  Muchas Gracias!  #bloggingScreenshot 2017-05-01 09.17.13via Daily Prompt: Apprentice

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