maxresdefaultThis morning a panicked neighbor described in her best Spanglish about a ring of child abuse that is occurring.  Fourteen children from a nearby village school have been forced to perform naked for a pornographer.  The parents of all the known abused children have filed legal declarations, but the government authorities are afraid to take action against this money making operation.  These victim families need counseling. Corruption abounds worldwide, and in the USA I would know how and where to lodge my complaint, however, in Mexico it is prudent to be wise in my approach.  Prayer works, but it is also my intention to write the Governor, and inquire to what can be done. Unfortunately, any effort to draw attention to this tragedy while  using my name would be like personally taking on a Drug Lord.  I will make my cry for HELP anonymous, but I ask for prayers of protection for the victims, and the communities involved..

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

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