Games people play

Screenshot 2017-07-09 14.02.44.pngWhile solving a murder mystery, I get to interact with other player/friends on Facebook while landscaping my personal Caribbean island. The fact that “Pearl’s Peril” increases my memory while I find objects in various odd places is a blast.  Question is — are these online games cutting into time spent in the Presence of God?  Are they interactive with other people from around the globe?  The answer to both questions is “Yes”!  However, as long as I do take time to “eat the Word of God” and to kick back and let His Word assimilate and become part of me, playing games with people online may just be a way for me to communicate my priorities.  God first, family second, face to face time with people in my community, then a bit of online interaction is perfectly fine!  God has His hand on me, and He can use any kind of connection or activity for His purpose.

Screenshot 2017-07-20 08.27.06

Golden Gate park in San Francisco – near my Home sweet Home in the USA

Screenshot 2017-07-21 14.31.51

My second favorite online game is interactive. Playing “Lord of the Board” a backgammon game that is timed — with players from around the globe keeps me sharp.  Flag of the country — what is country is this?  Mu unique online way of connecting with other cultures and sending the universal signal of friendliness – A happy face on CHAT.Screenshot 2017-07-15 19.12.42As a retired expat living in Mexico, Facebook allows me to stay connected to family and friends as well as play games. People ask me “What do you do all day?” — My husband and I both enjoy taking golf lessons, we read online, watch Netflix,  I enjoy blogging, meeting up with other expats, taking area excursions, dining out at a multitude of fine establishments, a bit of volunteering twice a week, and playing computer games.  Screenshot 2017-07-15 18.52.30A couple of my favorite “Pearl’s Peril” scenes in which to find objects, win coins and build my fantasy island.  Cloud covered area’s on my island open up as I progress. Screenshot 2017-07-13 13.57.31.pngScreenshot 2017-07-23 09.30.23

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