Humble and Holy

As our friends and loved ones move on, we are not left behind as orphans.  It is a soul lifting truth that our hearts are forever united with an eternal God that will bring us home at His appointed hour. As a Christian I believe that I am united as the Father is “in Jesus” and He remains “in me” via the Holy Spirit,  I am forever connected to those who pass on to eternal life…where we will be reunited. I look forward to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and ALL who will He attending. My son, grandma, and others will He rejoicing with me to be in the Holy Presence of God Almighty. With great compassion, Jesus began to gently tell His followers the whole truth with respect to their position in Him, and of His looming departure. For where He was going, for now…. they could not follow Him. The beloved human mind and heart could only fathom that Jesus was abandoning them. The work of Jesus and of us, while on earth; the good done, the ministries, all the miracles witnessed, the blessings received  — is  not His concern, but what does concern Jesus is the understanding of His followers — of what we possess in our position in Him. The virtues of Jesus, the Christ… His moral excellence, goodness, humility, righteousness, and His effective force, His powerful potency — is what equips His followers, through the Holy Spirit to endure loss, to suffer well, to conform our will, our desires, our  heart, goals, and conduct to work for His glory.  Peter questioned “Where are you going?” Jesus told Peter and us that His followers must die to themselvesAndi Cook and clan and enter into the path of which Jesus was demonstrating; to follow Christ in death. Today we, just like Peter, are challenged to be faithful in the absence of a physical Jesus.  We are to trust in “His Word” when facing troubles, an unwanted diagnosis or death itself.  The sentence of death upon the flesh reveals the impotency of the human by itself. Jesus revealed that which is beyond the flesh.  A glorious eternity in His presence.  Faith is to believe in the unseen, and to know with certainty of a promised future. Believing develops from knowing God is faithful and our hope “in Him” supersedes the condition of a human  doubting heart.   Before the world was, Jesus was…and while on earth He welcomed people where they were as He met the longing need of their hearts.  “Blessed are those who mourn” Yes, we should mourn for the sight of those who have died in their body, but rejoice in the truth of their eternal life “in Him” at His throne. “In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  From the very beginning the Word was with God.  Through Him (Jesus) God made all Sweet-Girl1things; not one thing in all creation was made without Him.  The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to people.” John 1:1-5 NIV— Believers believed in God without ever seeing God face to face, and in Jesus, they had met the Creator of all things, God Himself. Then and today, believers are challenged to believe Jesus was God and that Jesus did not forsake anyone to fulfill the prophecy of His death.  Jesus tell us that He went to prepare a place for us and that there is room for all who believe in Him.  God dearly values us all and He is prepared to receive all unto Himself, that where Jesus is, that there they shall be also.  Jesus will receive them at the Father’s throne, where He sits in glory.  By His Word, in the Holy Scriptures the truth is – all believers are in a far more excellent position because of His death, burial and resurrection.  By surrendering all previously held beliefs, and coming in faith to Jesus as God, we are welcomed to the eternal family of God.  Accepting Jesus was and is of the Father, we come to know that the Father in Jesus, now dwells “in” us through the Holy Spirit.  Some people then, and some people now are convinced that Jesus 36637566193_86ae25cfe4_bwas of God by His miraculous works.  It was the Father who dwelt in Jesus whose power did those miracles then … and now. Some believers today and then are convinced by the words Jesus spoke, and some then by the power He walked in.  If we love Jesus it is to be shown not in the regret of His death, or in the death of a loved one…but in the power of His resurrection in us to keep His commandments and walk humbly in obedience.  Jesus returned to the Father on high and granted His believers the greatest blessing of all, the Holy Spirit.  The Person of the Holy Spirit will never leave those who have accepted Jesus as Lord.  His invisible presence never ceases to be alive and willing to work through all who believe.  Jesus was the life in which God and the truth can be known.  Jesus was and is the Light of the world.  A stream of blessing flows as the Lord declares “I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you.”  The holy presence of Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, is the consolation, the comfort of His people.  The Holy Spirit is the Teacher, the Comforter, the one who guides, disciplines and convicts us when our thinking, talking and actions do 21740199_523352314669989_5464382700036318275_nnot honor God. “Because I live, ye shall live also.”  We know Jesus lives because we have life.  Our life on earth is “in Him” and from Him, for He is life.  “This life is in the Son.” As John writes it “That the life of Jesus may be manifested in our mortal bodies.”  The Holy Spirit is dwelling in us because the Bible repeatedly tells us so.  Read John chapter 14 and be comforted by the Holy and humble Word of God.  These words are lovingly dedicated to my friend Andi Cook and her family.  Andi participated in the eternal heart changes of many people while serving our Lord Jesus. She is a loving mother of three sons and one grand-daughter.  Andi’s father was a pastor and she is a pastor’s wife who sings like an angel. Andi lived humbly and suffered well. Her eternal rewards far outnumber all the blessings she enjoyed on earth.  I pray for God’s peace to overtake Andi’s family. AMEN

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