KETO 90 second Bread

20180211_091352On the Shepherd’s Code plan or KETO plan a person does not have to give up bread! We no longer buy loaves of bread, we simply take 90 seconds to make up one serving at a time.  The recipe requires simple items which should always remain stocked.

Ingredients and EASY PEASY Directions:

  1. First, melt one pat butter in microwave for 30 seconds in a safe cup, or bowl
  2. add 3 tablespoons almond flour
  3. add 1 egg
  4. add 1 CAP full of mineral water to help make it fluffy and rise
  5. WHIP it all together with a fork in the cup/bowl
  6. Microwave or NUKE it for 90 seconds
  7. Slide a butter knife around the edges, turn cup upside down
  8. Slice in half, toast it, or just make a ham sandwich or smother it with this yummy pulled steak recipe on top  KETO INDOOR BBQ

Ham and cheese on a slice of KETO bowl bread.  Must use lots of mayo to get in the fats needed


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