KETO Lunch Variety


Black forest ham and cheese = 1 net carb

Feeling deprived, unmotivated while on KETO? Add an easy bread recipe and make a simple black forest ham sandwich! Variety is a must to renew and keep your commitment to stick with the KETO way of staying energized and thin!


MAKE BREAD: 1) melt 1 pat butter in cup 30 sec  2) Stir in one egg + 1 cap of mineral water. 3) Add 3 tablespoons almond flour + 1/2 tsp bake powder. 4) Microwave for 90 seconds in the cup.  Cut bread ball in half and toast it, make a sandwich.  Same recipe for pancake!  Just pour batter onto a plate and nuke.


Cuke circles, red onion, cherry tomatoes, tangy peppers, gouda cheese, balsamic on top – FRESH and zero carbs.



Chinese egg roll bowl recipe KETO Egg roll bowl


Make guacamole, dip with bacon chips.  Cut up bacon and bake till done!


Steam some broccoli and zucchini. Add cherry tomatoes, seasoning and mayo!  YUMMY EASY.


Steak and caramelized onions


Angel eggs, with bell pepper, mayo, onion, lettuce


7 layers of green, cheese, greek yogurt, bacon click link for recipe

KETO 7 Layers of Yum


Lettuce wraps


Burger, bacon, avocado bowl with balsamic



How about a Tuna Melt on a bagel? Recipe KETO BAGELS


Weigh once a month, fluctuations occur – Chill out with counting, just enjoy the fats, the bulletproof coffee, and baggy pants!



Keep it simple and praise God for all things, all ways!

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