20180211_071136There is a chill in the air and it is raining in Jalisco, Mexico so with a taste for BBQ I cut up some frozen sirloin steaks, rubbed them with salt, pepper and BBQ sauce and plopped them in the slow cooker.  By noon today we will enjoy some pulled beef over the top of a buttery KETO 90 second Bread and slices of tomato and cukes drizzled with balsamic.


2 pounds of sirloin beef

Salt and pepper rubbed onto meat

1 bottle of BBQ sauce

1 diced red apple


Place in slow cooker, turn on low, walk away and enjoy your morning.  Back for lunch, make a KETO mug bread, shredded BBQ steak over the buttered mug bread with a salad of your choice!  TOTAL carb count 3g per serving of 3 tablespoons of meat over bread.20180211_133216

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