KETO Scale Sleeping?

maxresdefault (1)Promise  — after three days of this REBOOT, you will not be hungry and with just two servings of this “Meat Bowl” per day — you will burn fat while you sleep and the scale will register a loss!  Make sure you only consume 1/2 your body weight per day in protein and drink lots of iced tea or water! Begin your 3 day REBOOT manana and go get these simple ingredients today: MAIN STUFF: Hamburger; onion; bacon; avocado, butter.  DRESS IT UP WITH: lettuce; mayo; jalapeno, or hot sauce.  Even though it has only been 8 weeks of serious KETO cooking, my scale registered an alarming stall.  Truth is I occasionally had a bite of this and that from my husband, but mostly I avoided bread, potatoes, tortillas and rice. The Keto way of eating has cleared a brain fog that I


Return to eating fat to burn fat after 3 days KETO Mini Cheese Cakes

didn’t really acknowledge.  IMPORTANT RULES for burning stored fat as energy: Go to bed early. Staying up late will add stress on your adrenal glands which control hormones and metabolism and mess with your thyroid.  Our “bodyclock” AKA our “circadian” regulates if we feel sleepy or alert. Shut off all computers, cell phones, lamps, T.V.’s or any kind of false light in your sleeping room.  The pineal gland in the middle of the brain will not shut down with lights on. You will lay awake and this will cause cortisol spikes which increases belly fat. Get to sleep by 10 p.m. to get into ketosis to enjoy the full benefits of a ketogenic diet. Since KETO I do feel less bloated, less acid reflux, and less gassy. My energy is way improved. That alone is probably one of the reasons I continue with this way of eating. More energy and clarity in my thinking is


Drizzle balsamic, add lettuce leaves and taco sauce, or smear mayo on avocado.

a bonus while weight loss is my goal.  I do want to drop two more sizes so I tried this 3 Day KETO REBOOT menu and my scale dropped!  At a Ketogenic Diet conference recently in Austin Texas called KetoCon it was reported that there are


Cut up bacon for bacon bits, keep ready for three days, same meal, twice a day.

different approaches to the Keto Diet.  It all depends on the Macros you calculate for your own body. The food rule of minimizing carbs remains, but the intake of carbs can vary.  Some people are extremely strict, while others tend to vary the diet based on their lifestyle. If the scale is dropping, keep doing what you are doing!  Hundreds of  people have been on KETO for up to 5 years and they are thriving!  Most people eat a meat with

a small portion of veggies for every single meal.  Most successful KETONIANS only eat 1 or 2 meals per day.  Because hunger gets so diminished on the KETO plan, we do not need 3 meals a day.  Imagine more MEAT with veggies  topped with real butter to restart weight loss!   While eating out on KETO, just adjust the order by asking “hold the tater


Slow Cook up some chicken to celebrate the scale reading KETO CROCK CHICK

and the bread and order a steak, a burger and ask for a larger helping of veggies.  Lose the tortilla on that burrito or taco and enjoy the meat, cheese and fixings.  Order that prime rib and smear the horseradish thick.  Order a pork chop with eggs for breakfast or dinner.  Most restaurants at Lakeside want your business so they are ready to please.


Yes, fast food places will accommodate your whim KETO DRIVE THRU

Ask if they can cook up some onions for you and drizzle them with balsamic vinegar.  (I carry balsamic with me and drizzle over veggies too) Ah, yes and the best ingredient of all is the taste of real butter.  Flavor, flavor, flavor is what most people on diets crave so order it and add salsa, balsamic, more butter or pepper. What a recent KETO conference revealed is shocking! The first priority is fat and protein of the most successful KETO peeps!  Some KETONIANS don’t even eat vegetables.  At all.  ZERO!  The exciting NEWS is that you can easily break a plateau by simply browning up a bowl of ground beef, spiced to taste, add onions, jalapeno pepper, bacon bits and butter or mayonnaise on top.


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