Hysterical Politics

La-Mort-de-Louis-XIII1Louis XIV did have a younger brother, but  was the imprisoned MASKED mystery man his twin? The truth is that Louis had a bro, but he was born 2 years later. History reports that a masked prisoner did exist. The below documentary is to uncover “Who was the iron masked man?” There is a twin theory, however, Anne of Austria, Louis XIV’s mother, did not hide that her first son had a twin brother, because a twin did not exist.


King Louis XIV of France

Another possible theory: Perhaps the queen mum had an affair and Louis is illegitimate?Maybe the masked prisoner was Louis real dad? That would make it difficult for the son to kill his true father. That would be a grievous sin just as the kings homosexual past would be needed to be swept away. Then there is the option of Russian collusion. Was it the Czar PeterFrench+Revolution+of+1789+In+1789,+Estates+General+had+not+been+called+by+a+French+monarch+in+175+years.of Russia? Who did Russia unmask? The Russian historians have evidence…of their European supremacy. January 12, 1678 King Louis wrote in his verified hand that he would handsomely receive help from a man that ended up double crossing him. Politics eh! A twist in the tale for sure. In any event it does smell like the DOJ in the USA. Collusion, Lying, Covering up the truth. The American FBI is Fervent Bullying Inside the Department of Justice. The Iron Mask – A Deep State threat – Imprisoned for life – A noble cause for the Three Musketeers of the USA; Trump, Pence and Giuliani.estates-general-n

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