Willis Earl Alley


Hope, Wayne, Reagan, Martin, Sinatra

Bob Hope was born in 1903 in England, he was a father of four children. Mr. Hope quietly celebrated his 100th birthday in May of 2003, at his Taluca Lake home. He died of pneumonia on July 27, 2003. Hope donated his papers to the Library of Congress.  Hope Biography: https://www.biography.com/people/bob-hope-9343481

John Wayne was born on in Iowa in 1907, he had seven children from two of his three wives.  Wayne received the nickname “Duke”  because he spent so much time with his dog named Duke. He died of cancer in 1979. In honor of his charitable work in the fight against cancer, Wayne’s children established the John Wayne Cancer Foundation in 1985.  John Wayne Bio: https://www.biography.com/people/john-wayne-9525664

Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 in Illinois, he had four children born within two marriages.  As the 40th President of the USA, he was shot, recovered and ended the cold war, and watched the Berlin wall fall. In his inaugural speech in 1981, Reagan announced that “government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.” Reagan bio: https://www.biography.com/people/ronald-reagan-9453198

Dean Martin was born in 1917 in Ohio, he had eight children from three wives.  Dean quit school, shined shoes, worked pumping gas and as a boxer.  His idol was Bing Crosby. Dean died at the age of 78 of respiratory failure on Christmas day in 1995. Dean Martin Bio: https://www.biography.com/people/dean-martin-9542166

Frank Sinatra was born in 1915 in New Jersey, he was the father of three children from his first wife. Frank sang and he also acted.With a show business career that spanned more than 50 years, Sinatra’s continued mass appeal can best be explained in the man’s own words: “When I sing, I believe. I’m honest.” He died at the age of 82. Frank Sinatra Bio: https://www.biography.com/people/frank-sinatra-9484810

1 Earl Alley

Willis Earl Alley – Coos Bay 2006

Willis Earl Alley, my dad was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 10, 1926. Dad died of cancer in Coos Bay, Oregon at the age of 80. He had three children from his first wife Maria. My Father had a mind like the Rain Man. He was the Jimmy Stewart of Coos Bay as he financed homes to people that otherwise would not qualify for credit.  Earl was 6’4″ just like Wayne, but he looked like Dean with a drink in his hand. He enjoyed entertaining people and was the owner of a bar in Salida, California.  He was a generous man, and the best father he could be.  I love my dad.  He had his flaws, but what dad doesn’t.

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