A Mexican Christmas

DSC01428Decorations are up in the plaza, cohetes (fireworks) are heard at 6:00 AM throughout Mexico on December 12th. The feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated by Pilgrims in small pueblos and in big cities throughout Mexico. At midnight people sing Las Mañanitas, the Mexican birthday song, to the Virgin.  The official start of all the fiestas that celebrate the birth of Jesus begin on December 16th. The Mexican tradition of Las Posadas will be found WEB3-LAS-POSADAS-MEXICAN-TRADITION-Courtesy-of-Todays-Catholic-Veronica-Marklandin the smallest of pueblos. It represents the journey that Mary and Joseph took to try to find a place to stay. Children dressed as Jesus and Mary parade through the village knocking on doors to find rest. They are denied entrance and they journey on to a place outdoors where local families and friends take turns serving one another with traditional tamales and sweet breads. The seven pointed piñata is knocked down by the kids with great enthusiasm as candy pours out. The seven stars represent the 7 deadly sins. Breaking that starred piñata signifies how the blood of Jesus broke the power of sin in your life. On Christmas Eve morning shops are open until about noon. PinataMexicana-300x240On Christmas Day everything is closed as family gathers together. On December 26th, all is back open as usual. Things liven up again on January 6th, Kings Day a day to share Rosca de Reyes, a sweet, round bread with candied fruits on top of it. The Mexican tradition is FUN for all. Someone in the family hides a Jesus figurine inside the bread and then everyone tears off a piece. Whoever finds the Jesus figurine in their bread has to made tamales for everyone on February 2nd which is the final day of the  Christmas holiday.

A few traditional Mexican Christmastime foods to sample along with this fabulous culture of fun, family loving people.  Knowing the purpose of each dish will delight your heart.Rosca-de-reyes_ESPECIAL

    • Ensalada de Noche Buena. A Christmas salad with beets, jicama, oranges.
    • Tamales – breakfast on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve.
    • Pozole or menudo are both soups made with hominy (Mexican corn) and require hours and hours of cooking to give it a beautiful depth of flavor.


Do wop dah didee 🎶 White Sandy Beaches “I’m dreaming of a Sandy Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. Where the tree tops glisten and children listen, ahhh – to hear waves crashing on the shore! Oh I’m dreaming of a Sandy Christmas just like our Christmas past before…. May all our days be merry and bright, and may all our Christmases be filled with Light! ” Michael Buble to sing it for all we California girls not riding sleigh bells in the snow, but surf boards at the 🌴beach. What was that loud fiesta about last night? Michael and I learned that Dec 12th is the beginning of the celebrations that continue until February 2nd.  Feliz Navidad, joyful at the beach! ” Yes, yes “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and mom and dad can hardly wait… to go to the beach! There is a tree in the plaza and soon the fiesta will begin to serenade us with great JOY.  Let the party roll until February 2nd in good ole Mexico!

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