My 2020 Kickstart

81304031_1064769563861592_8250786785848721408_nOn the FIFTH day of New Years, my true Love said to me “Choose to see thyself healthy and vibrant, full of love and gratitude for the way that I have wired thee.” Today is a day of rejoicing! After getting a clear message of how I can help myself feel and operate more efficiently, I choose to execute all feelings of not being adequately equipped or informed to employ new GOOD habits. I agree with God’s Word and He says that I am marvelous in His sight. Today I choose to renounce all stinkin thinkin! I. I choose to focus on the sufficiency of Christ in me! When I cry out, He is faithful to answer in the most surprising ways! I celebrate the amazing gift of faith I have in God’s eternal plan for me. No person on the planet has the exact stack of gifts that I have…therefore, I embrace the full force of the lavish talents my Father bestowed upon me. The Supernatural strength of the Holy Spirit equips me with breathtaking powers. I hereby commit to employ His power as I surrender my way to His. 😃 Here i am Lord, take me, use me for Thy glory! AMEN. ❤️

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