CCP controlThe Chinese Communist Party was born July 23, 1921. GLOBALLY the CCP is known as the largest Terrorist organisation in human history. The CCP harvests LIFE-ORGANS on Falun Gong (1999-present) Prisoners, eliminations and imprisonments Uighur Muslims (2018-present), covered up SARS outbreaks (2003), covered up WAHUN Virus (2019-Present) and the CCP has committed numerous crimes against humanities.  In 2020 the CCP caused a global collapse of social, moral, and ecological systems.  People have suffered numerous oppressive political campaigns and social upheavals under Party rule for over 65 years, resulting in an estimated 60 to 90 million unnatural deaths. Tiananmen Massacre (1989), Hong Kong Protests murders-disappeared-population (2019-Present). The CCP is a Criminal-Terrorist organisation with an estimated 50 million members (official, secretive and associates), of which, approx. twenty thousands upper-official members who control the 1.5 billion population in China, and major resources and Assets around the world since year 1949. The CCP continues to seek ways with Globalists, mainstream media, Leftists, Chinese-Trolls Migrations and multinational corporations, to morally corrupt individuals to collude with 100583617_1179054549099759_8832624789962096640_nother nations, institutions, ‘open-democratic’ systems and governments via Deceiving, Infiltration AND Domination. Traditional faiths and principles have been violently destroyed. Original ethical concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by force, Psychological warfare (PSYWAR) and propaganda. Empathy, love, harmony among people, families and communities have been twisted into struggle, hatred, power-seeking and materialistic society.41V4VecbcbL   Since 1940’s, generations of survivors escaped from the brutal CCP regime, adopting into their new found places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and Canada, to pursue their new identities, nationalities, and most importantly, for most, new found human dignity, liberty, freedom of speech, human rights and choices of Faith for their life.  Unfortunately, geopolitical policies biased in the West towards globalisation after the Cold War accelerated with inclusion of China into W.T.O. in year 2001, gravitate into the most dangerous conditions towards Existential threats to all nations, World Order and Peace, and Humanities.

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