Waiting at the alter

Translated “Erik & Yvette met on July 20, 2015. It was a hot day in the city of Guadalajara, and my mother and I decided to go to San Juan Cosala. We were delighted to spend a relaxing day at the banks of Lake Chapala.  Happily our scheduled day was interrupted by a deeper destiny that God had previously planned.  During our dalliance in the sun, the friendly heart of Erik engaged me in a conversation. We became friends quickly as we recognized that we shared many tastes and dreams.  We spent two lovely months getting to know one another before Erik was introduced to to my parents in Tijuana.  It was on that day that Erik asked me to be his girlfriend.  My parents approved and our love blossomed over the following 4 years. Throughout our engagement we have lived in different cities. I was in school in Tijuana to obtain my degree as a Clinical Nutritionist while  Erik worked as a celebrated Chiropractor in Jalisco. By the grace of God we overcame the distance. On March 1, 2002 we will continue on as One in Christ. Throughout our relationship we discovered how incredible it is to be able to serve others and show the love that Jesus. We have worked in Tijuana and Guadalajara helping people with health needs.  We get to witness how our Father continues to transform people’s lives.” Yvette87936686_1111789035826311_6310655285497167872_n

The main Mexican Tradition is “Family”!!! When you are invited to a wedding ceremony, you are also invited to stay for a few days to celebrate the joining of a new family member. Click any pic for slideshow! A stylish occasion which brings family and friends together with joyful elegance! The wedding of our dear friend Erik and his bride Yvette was fabulous at this lakeside spa hotel. Guests witnessed the vows and heard Pastor Gary Neighbor recite the truth about God’s purpose for marriage. Man leaves his parents to unite as one with his like minded woman in order to become one for God. Husband and Wife help to keep each other holy, as God is holy.

Following the wedding ceremony, the guests were served a taco bar lunch and custom drinks from the bar. People who desired a different food could dine at the garden view hotel restaurant. The weather was perfect on March 1, 2020.  Guests were assigned seating and an impressive meal was served. The bride tossed the bouquet and the fiesta continued with dancing and laughter. Erik beamed with joy as he circled all the tables and personally thanked everyone for attending and blessing his marriage to Yvette. The signs were clear to arrive on time. Quinta San Carlos was put on the map today in San Pedro Tesistan, Jalisco, Mexico for bringing in the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit as He ministered powerfully to all who were listening!

Calle Pino Suárez 1, 45830 San Pedro Tesistán, Jalisco, Mexico



Yvette & Erik

MARCH 1, 2020


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