Chilaquiles Rojo Sauce

May 10, 2021 in Manzanillo, Mexico

A hot and spicy ChiliQuilly Sauce without salt, oil or sugar SOS. Lori Neighbor my pastor’s wife demonstrates how to make a plant based spicy sauce. Lori lost 59 pounds in 9 months. She started with just 5 minutes of exercise a day, and slowly worked up to 30 minutes a day. Chef AJ Style is to eat 2 pounds of non=starchy veggies for your first meal and she guarantees you will lose weight.


Pour Chilaquiles Rojos Sauce over home made chips

FIRST make VEG STEW: Add 3/4 cup of water to instant pot. Add 2 sliced white potatoes. Add 2 pounds of your favorite non-starchy veggie and dump (4 sliced zucchinis) into pot. Add 1/2 cup of diced carrots or corn. Turn instant pot to high and cook for 2 minutes.

SECOND make Chilaquiles Rojos Sauce. Cook for 10 minutes in saucepan. One large white onion cut along with 2 tomatoes + 1 tbsp minced garlic into a BULLET or BLENDER or FOOD PROCESSOR to puree. Use gloves, break open red chili and remove seeds and add the skin from ONE chili into food processor.

What Lori says she eats daily includes a bowl of oats

BOWL of OATS: Use 1/2 cup of Quaker Oats + tsp of vanilla + Tsp of Tumeric + 1 cup mixed frozen berries +1 tsp flax seed + 1 tsp sunflower seeds + 1 tsp real Maple Syrup. NO vitamins just a tablet of KELP twice a week.

DRINK a QUART of cranberry flavored balsamic vinegar. Add to your water with ice to taste.

ENJOY your LIFE and EAT plant based foods. It is ok to have fruit occasionally and a cup of coffee.

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