Sugar Addiction

Thanksgiving for being able to say “NO” thanks, sugar makes me sick.

Diets fail because we are overwhelmed with addictive substances, all for profits. Food addicts do not have a deep childhood trauma to overcome, they are not unstable people. Have you been a “Yo Yo” dieter? General Foods introduced the addiction to “processed food” with sugar coated cereals. A diabolical plot was introduced through commercials on TV for what to feed the family, to get them addicted to carbs. There are two personality types when it comes to food. There are Moderators and Abstainers. My New Year’s Resolution is to BELIEVE I can be a BIG LOSER by being an ABSTAINER! “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!” The advertisement for Virginia Slims effectively GOT women addicted to cigarettes. What causes people to BELIEVE that they can be healthy or lose weight while binging on sugar? We are overwhelmed with marketing campaigns each time we go shopping. Toxic foods have been sold as yummy Gummy Bears, Dunkin Donuts, Kool-Aid which target and trigger a hunger or need to have the substance. Our reward center craves what we hear will help us. The psychology of marketing has been used by retail giants and our government to deceive us. Oreo cookies and processed foods that purposely use high fructose corn syrup boost profits and destroy humans. The healthy food pyramid sold to us by our government is opposite of what a human needs to maintain a sound mind and body. Did you know that your heart has a brain that can be employed to just say NO! A Brainiac Heart

Sugar addiction, nutrition choices, motivation and healthy lifestyle.

There are many people who have tried Keto and proclaim it does not work for me! Find out how to heal from allergies and anger issues by eliminating foods. (Listen to PODCAST link below) Food/sugar addicts or emotional eaters are incapable of sustaining moderation. Once a week cheat days turn into a month long binge. My husband gets away with “moderation“ as his carb binge never makes the scale stuck. A lucky moderator does NOT regain all the pounds lost + more. The 99% “best effort” is a bitch to maintain permanent weight loss, while 100% abstinence of carbs is a breeze for addicts who are out of denial. There are moderators and there are abstainers. Moderators typically don’t have a weight problem or diseases that stemmed from their eating. Insulin Resistance is an epidemic.

Got to have that muffin? Am I a sugar addict in denial?

Heart disease and Diabetes is a money maker for Big Pharm. Most food addicts cannot eat carbs in moderation. One regular cupcake is too many. This podcast gets into the nitty gritty of Keto success. Listen to this awesome conversation to get the VICTORY of sugar addiction and lose the weight and health issues related to being overweight. Practice re-associating sugar and carbs with poison. Associate pain to eating carbs “this food will hurt me” this food will give me diabetes, it will give me allergies, asthma, heart disease, low energy, low confidence and induce guilt as I lose my memory. PODCAST link is below picture – GET the INFO you need to live strong and stand in VICTORY over sugar!

BONUS INSIGHT: Apple Cider Vinegar helps break down the fat during a fast.

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