A Book of Life?

Psalm 5:7 “By Your great love, can I come into Your house?” ❤️ We are wise to “Only believe” by FAITH that Jesus was supernaturally conceived unto a virgin, lived a sinless life, suffered rejection, scourging, mocking, then He willingly laid down His life, was pierced and shed blood for our sins, and was buried. On the third day, Jesus defeated death and walked out of the tomb. He appeared to hundreds, then ascended to sit at the right hand of God. We believe that when we heard the Truth, we professed by faith that Jesus is Lord —  and the Holy Spirit indwelt us, to change us. — Hard as I tried on my own, I am fully persuaded that I could NOT change myself. I needed a Savior, and Jesus is the only One who could save me from an eternity of brutal suffering in hell.

Because someone shared the above Gospel Truth with me, I believed, got saved and by His Grace I was set free — My Lord then wrote  my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. ❤️  One day we will all stand before Jesus to be judged or commended. My walk with Jesus began by the Spirit, because I believed what I heard. Galatians 3 “You foolish Galatians! Who has deceived you? Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by BELIEVING what you heard?”

🎶 Believer – a song of HOPE. ” Yeah…I talk a bit different now…now that my heart’s been found. Nothing really feels the same — I hold my head a bit higher, I lift my voice a bit louder…yeah, something inside has changed. I am a mountain mover, water walker, more than just an overcomer…cause I’ve been set free….I am a gospel preacher, heart on fire, freedom singing testifier…❤️ cause I’ve been redeemed ! I am a believer, I know this is not my home…I know I don’t walk alone. No matter what comes my way…I have peace through the trouble, Ihave joy through the struggle…and now my hope’s in a brighter day. I am a believer, gospel preacher, I am a child of the Father — an orphan, no longer! No doubt about who I am. Im in the hands of the Healer —the arms of the Savior….His grace makes me who I am.” Click and enjoy the song


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