Slumber Sweet

Abide in my dreams Lord,
until the glow of sunrise.
Abide with me now,
The day is done and gone;
Cause me sleep.

As evening falls;
A starry night calls.
Close my eyes to rest,
to welcome my holy guest.
Within my heart abide.
O Savior, a time to slumber,
Angels without number,
Abide as my dream.
Resting in Thy whisper …
Usher me into

all consuming peace.

Thy living words ..
fill my soul to overflow.
Keep me close this night.

Abide with me; till dawn breaks.
Till my soul fully awakes.
Unto the new day.
Gracias Senor, my God
my precious Savior,
Take me on a tour of heaven. ❤️ “Yahweh, I remember Your name in the night, and I obey Your instruction. This is my practice: I obey Your precepts.” Psalm 119:55 Holman Bible

A worthwhile commentary on Psalm 119 Worthy or Worthless?

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