Eyes to See

We were all born with eyes to see, and many have been reborn with ears to hear, and lips to speak. Well I was pretty much fuzzy sighted, some would say blind, but NOW I can see! Oh Lord thank You for opening my eyes, for giving me words to write, and sending angels to encourage me. ❤️ After landing in Dallas, as God would have it, my Taxi driver was a sad looking man without any apparent hope. Shaw was born in Iran and quickly admitted he had no faith in God. My Savior gave me a word. “There is hope in Jesus Christ, think about Him.” A quick unspoken prayer was heard by my Father. I trust Him to make Himself known to Shaw, in His perfect way and timing. All across the USA posters are now broadcasting a “Jesus Revolution” this will certainly grab Shaw’s attention and others. Soul Rest

My first day in Texas I rose early to dress for any kind of weather. The joy of His ever present Spirit led me to walk the busy streets of Grapevine, Texas. Lord, I need to find an ATM. A prompt had me speed across a highway full of commuters to investigate a Texas sized parking lot full of stores, restaurants, and hotels. No banks in sight, but a man packing his car. “Good morning sir, do you know of any bank nearby?” Smiling back, he directed me into the lobby “just to the right”. Right on, thank You Jesus, all needs met. Walk in Confidence

A day of testimony, February 28, my sister-in-Christ brought me homemade soup right after surgery. What a wonderful family of God we all have. Jesus is the Son of God – Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God. Jesus is the exact imprint of God’s nature. Our Father appointed Jesus as the heir of ALL things. God created the world through Jesus. Jesus upholds the universe by the Word of God’s power. Laying on the pre-op table with my eyes closed fascinating on the fact that Jesus called me by name. Barbara, daughter of Earl Alley. Yes, Lord, do You mean me? Jesus replied “Yes, you little Barbie! You have a heavenly Father who loves you and we want to adopt you as ours. Come follow Me.” Holding my hands to embrace my face in awe, imagining they were the hands of Jesus, tears flowed, a bright light glowed from behind my eyelids, and I heard Him say “You are Mine.” Cataract surgery this morning in Plano, Texas. all is well, thank You Lord Jesus. Read the Bible and feel His mighty Presence. Hebrews 1:1-3. Thank You Lord for restoring my eyesight! For so long I have had blurred vision and I could only see a reflection of Jesus in a steamy mirror. Very soon, I will see Jesus face to face. What little I now know; but then on that glorious day — I shall fully KNOW Him as I am fully known now. 1 Corinthians 13:12 My spiritual sight is 20/20 and soon my distance vision will see new spring buds on the trees. My Father has His hand on all the dove tailed details of this sight journey. I arrived in Plano on a Tues, the following Tues I had right eye improved, my host Alma picked me up, and next Tuesday the left eye! Then SHOPPING with eyes to see all that I have been missing!

While dining outdoors at Schlotzsky’s, a spirited woman from England introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Eunice, you have a nice smile.” I replied God is good all the time. Eunice quickly stated “My husband, grandpa, and a few others in my family are all pastors.” I told her about Shaw, and she encouraged “God is faithful.” Yes and He is my provider! With much research and prayer, Dr. Abdulfatah Ali was very carefully chosen. My initial exam on Feb 22 verified how blurry the world is to me. Because the office was aware of my travel time, they graciously scheduled my first surgery on February 28th! This alleycat is thrilled by how seamless this entire adventure has been. Several times a day, the weather changes in Texas and today, with a chill factor at 37 F with zero humidity, I walked and delighted to see squirrels scampering, with acorns piled high in front of Plano High School! The Son is behind clouds, but His eye is ever on us. Regardless of the weather, exploring ‘NEW’ territory, my heart soars.

“Whomever the Son sets free is free indeed.” 🙌 Hallelujah, I was set free to walk about the great state of Texas and talk to God Almighty. He calls me His friend and I am honored to approach His throne of grace and ask for whatever I need. Our Father takes great care of His kids and He equips us with all the weapons we need. A giant shop was called “The Texas Gun Experience” was right next to my hotel. You gotta love these Texans who will not give up on God or their guns. Faith in God Almighty gives us the courage to fight to the finish line, which is the gateway to heaven.

Ask, and you shall receive! Thrilled to get the cash I needed for an Uber today, I walked behind the Hilton and BAM, a giant “Gateway Church” with loading docks. I saw men entering perhaps for a Bible study before work. My Father has His way of thrilling me. He is always at work, even when we can’t see Him! This place is the size of a super Wal-Mart. Check in with Jesus right where you are, just open your Bible and get a Word personalized just for you. Find a church, big or small and obey God, who tells us to fellowship with spirit filled people so that our hearts do not grow cold. Keep your flame burning!

Another THANKS BE TO GOD, I arrived just in time to see the premiere of the “Jesus Revolution”. With dilated eyes, I purchased another Cinemax blanket and settled into a kick back lounge chair. Even with blurred vision I could see that I was among those who love Jesus. The audience laughed, wept and cheered as people were getting the message. The film is about how the life of Pastor Chuck Smith was changed by a challenge by a young hippie, Lonnie Frisbee. His church was empty and he invited a barefooted crowd of hungry hippies into Calvary Chapel. Enjoy this clip and many more in the comment section.

Today alone in my cozy room, without distraction, my soul was bathed in words written by Dallas and his bride Amanda. “What does it mean to be Chosen?” We are all bound together in God’s proven faithfulness to Israel as we watch current events —prophecies and promises being filled. To all who respond to His call 📞 we are the CHOSEN people of God. Our Father has been generous with detailed accounts —that we learn lessons from a history of disobedient people. Once rescued, the sinful nature of man continues. Humanities need for a Savior is crystal clear. I praise God for His constant grace and mercy. The history of revival is recorded in a few links in the comment section. The Asbury Revival in February 2023 lasted over 10 days, and the Jesus Revolution movie was released just a few days later in theatres. The film took 6 years to make, but God’s perfect timing was for a release in February 2023. 🙌 Praise His holy name, and His plan to rescue ALL He can from the pit.

The beautiful big state of Texas has great needs and His people here are serving up excellent food for the souls. Two movies out now all about Jesus. “Gateway Church” in Grapevine, Texas has a feed the 5,000 ministry. Hand picked by God, my hostess Alma and her papasito Pedro are absolute angels! The villa comes fully equipped! A private, secure entrance, a Magic Chef fridge, a stove, hair dryer, central air, a heater, a strong hand held shower and tub, a desk, stapler, scotch tape, a steam iron, a huge walk in closet and best of all quality sheets and an extremely comfortable bed. A cute little outside patio with access to a washer and dryer. My first impression was “WOW”! I was chosen for such a time as this. Here is a fantastic clip of “The Chosen” Season 3 episode 8. Watch for the miracle transformation and listen carefully to the words of Jesus as He feeds 5,000 people who were hungry for TRUTH. Download THE CHOSEN APP and watch all three seasons and get to know the ordinary disciples of Jesus Christ. They were broken, confused and a stumbling group of men and women who BELIEVED in JESUS and followed His teachings and His ways.

“Your faith has made you whole.” The point is not about the size of your faith, it need only be the size of a mustard seed. The POINT is about in WHOM do we place our faith? If we place our faith in our prayer, or in our religious practice, our faith has been misplaced. The Lord said “I will never leave you or forsake you.” God kept His promise as He delivers unto us the gift of faith and the Holy Spirit to be with us always. We are to put our faith in God, Jesus and the ever working power of the Holy Spirit —Who always works in us to finish the work He began. AMEN

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  1. Interview with the Catholic actor who portrays Jesus in a series called “The Chosen”. — The “Jesus Revolution” movie in theaters across USA February 22, 2023 is a film about Pastor Chuck Smith and then —hippie Greg Laurie. Greg was baptized in the ocean by hippie Lonnie Frisbee. The Jesus Movement in 1972 was a needed Faith explosion which generated 51 church plants. In February 2023 across college campuses in Kentucky and Tennessee a prayer vigil brought in the Holy Presence of God for another Jesus Revival in 2023. GO SEE THIS MOVIE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE. https://youtu.be/GC_YkOz37Ng

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  2. The “JESUS REVOLUTION” movie in theaters Feb 22, 2023 is about Pastor Chuck Smith. In 1972 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit had an impact on the American dream. Chuck was a cool guy, a man with a soothing voice of truth. Christianity cancelled the evil culture of war and hate, then and now. Turn your face toward God, esteem Him highly, value His love and His character. ❤️ Enjoy a teaching by Pastor Chuck on Isaiah. Consider that he taught Jack Hibbs. “Look to Truth, to the One who was, Who is, and Who is to come, Jesus Christ, the Supreme Court Justice who will snatch us away from the wrath that comes. Behold His glory now, look up and watch as He moves the clouds, stirs up the waters, and flashes bolts of lightening.” https://youtu.be/mMDaCoCkPYs

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  3. What a wonderful day I had with my family of Christ via the Wignalls! The sights here are uplifting! Driving along Preston Blvd all the way to Preston Towers to their lovely custom designed condo, Bobbi pointed out historical sights. With glee we squealed with an delight at the Spring colors, the blossom budding trees. We shopped, and walked the mall where Ron and Bobbi get their steps in. We dined at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Dallas and on Sunday they will pick me up and take me to their church. Five of the Bible Study teachers graduated from Dallas Seminary College. This blog post keeps getting updated with new pictures and thrills. Tucking it away in my adventure file. Today I purchased a theatre ticket to see “Come Out in Jesus Name” a documentary about deliverance in America, happening now in 2023. The pastor at Jason’s church in Stockton, California is one of the pastors featured for teaching that miracles still happen today.


  4. Lonnie Frisbee – is the hippie in The Jesus Revolution movie. Lonnie Ray Frisbee was an American Charismatic evangelist and self-described “seeing prophet” in the late 1960s and 1970s. He maintained a hippie appearance. He was notable as a minister and evangelist in the Jesus movement. Lonnie had a club foot that were corrected and Lonnie danced with a size 5 shoe. Lonnie;s dad was an alcoholic and he moved to San Francisco and used drugs. The Lord gave Lonnie a mantel and Lonnie lost all his friends. On his deathbed he wanted his letterman sweater as he was an artist who admired his older brother who was an athlete. He had five brothers and Lonnie was sexually abused by a babysitter. Lonnie loved Kathryn Kulhman and Oral Roberts. This YouTube is about his life and the end of life for Lonnie at age 40. Lonnie has been with Jesus for 30 years ago now and his life. , he was going blind and was slowly dying, but he was right with God, Lonnie forgave those he accused for using him. The interviewing pastor is Isaiah Salvador, a pastor that preaches in Stockton, California at my son’s church. What would your death bed confession be? The tape recorded messages of Lonnie were written…”God is love” Bitter questions, angry people accuse God that there is no God. Lonnie believed in God, but he never blamed God, Lonnie repented of his sin and he died of aids. https://youtu.be/eNpzPohK6rc

    This episode breaks down the TRUTH from Stan Frisbee, the older brother of Lonnie. Stan is also a powerful minister. Stan talks about Chuck Smith and his wife, God used to spark the Jesus Movement and lead thousands to Christ through powerful anointing. Stan reacts to the movie and shares his powerful inside perspective. Lonnie was anointed and God used a broken person to launch a revival. Fast forward to 27 minutes. Lonnie cast out demons and people were healed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. https://youtu.be/cc3QxgKwW8U

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  5. “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves.” Amelia Earhart ❤️

    Thank you so much for the gift of your generous time. Dallas is blessed to have such knowledgeable hosts to share the best of Texas.

    Loved our walk through the mall and the delicious Italian meal. A treasure of stories to savor for a long while.

    Today I’m attending a church full of kind Texans. Ron and Bobbi Wignall hope to get tickets a garden concert for a fabulous picnic at the Dallas Arboretum. 500,000 blooms with more than 120 varieties of spring bulbs. Imagine strolling violins in a dazzling layered landscape of delicate tulips 🌷 and azaleas. An extravagant festival of food, wine and music.

    Thank you both!!!


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