Quilted Quiet

Under the blankets we snuggle and drift off to sleep in the quiet. My grandma Isa Mae Jenkins used a peddle Singer Sewing machine to make hundreds of quilts over the years. We each received heirloom quilts which featured flannel patches of the pajamas she created for us. My sister Mary got that gene as she joyfully stiches together pretty patterns of fabric which fascinate. She hunts for the perfect colors to create quilts, purses, pot holders, and Raggedy Ann dolls.

God gifted us all with talents to share and my sister even made me a camel hair coat in the sixties! Today my Raggedy keeps me smiling. This Barbie doll was especially made with a requested zipper butte! Yep, zipped inside a secret place, an heirloom piece of jewelry waits — to pass along to my grand-daughter Alexia, the daughter of Ruthie! Family Reflections

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