Crunchy Leaves

Fall arrives on September 23, but alas, I was able to rumble with the squirrels and stomp in fallen, crackling oak leaves in Texas today. We are soon entering Spring and tucking away our comfy jams and sweaters. The buds are blooming, we may be sneezing, but we all enjoy change, and the colors of each season. In the fall we like a crock pot brewing a stew or a pot of Chili. In the spring we anticipate a rainbo of colors to decorate the garden. Great expectations swirl as CHANGE brings in something FRESH and NEW. Lovely leafs float to the ground and feather the earth. They mulch naturally under the hooves of horses in my Mexican hood. Our Fall colors include marigolds in the garden, then comes the poinsettias! EVERY SEASON invites a change. Letting it blow out the dust bunnies in my brain and on the front porch. Imagining roasting weenies and marshmallows over an open fire, all wrapped up as a cool breeze rosy’s up those cute cheeks. Chatting it up about this and that with any ear who cares to listen. LIFE IS GOOD in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each has its own unique CHARM. A Sound of Joy

Gather up a few friends and host a pot luck! Fascinate over all the collected perceptions shared and mix it up with hearty laughter. Dreary days drown —-as our hang over worries — simply burn away as we engage with people we love. IGNITE gratitude and He will surely supply a hefty bounty of memorable divine encounters. Remember the time we……Anticipate a surge of thanksgiving snapshots to captivate your mind. Toasting ice tea, roasting a turkey, cutting up cranberries, baking biscuits, barbecuing yummy meats. Ahhh yes, most good memories are bathed in food. Be genuinely grateful for each season. Let the Holy Spirit stir your heart with HOPE for what is to yet come. It’s the simple things like wearing sweaters, socks and tucking yourself into Grandma’s worn out quilt. Gulp down a tankard of a spicy apple cider, feel that uncontrollable GLOW blow up into a humongus SMILE. Wear those cute gloves and chill out with fine feathered friends. The first day of fall, will come, but until then, get your sneakers on and explore the outdoors. ANTICIPATION causes IMAGINATION to stir, and our Mexican variety of blooms will arrive soon. Thank You God for Your faithfulness to shift us into whatever You have stored for us next.

Our onboard trustworthy Friend, is ever with us. “May I never forget the GOOD thing He does for me, He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. He fills my life with good things. Let all that I am praise the Lord.” Psalm 103:2-5  Even when we are barely conscious, sleepy, tired or a mess—our Father delights to be invited in. We never have to clean the house, or take a shower to meet with our very best Friend. Jesus is available 24/7 – regardless of how we feel or look, He ever hopes we call on Him. He understands everything and He is never too busy for us. Embrace all the color and the changes God makes in us. March 18, 2023 in Plano rejoicing in 37 F degrees! I get to wear a Sweater and Jacket and Gloves with a Hat is this divine weather! The best is yet to come, but He is available 24/7. Soul Rest


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