BP Reducer

If you have high blood pressure, your doctor or cardiologist will most likely NOT recommend any kind of a natural remedy. Expect to support the pharmacetuical industry with a new prescription. The truth is that you can lower your blood pressure by boiling the petals from a Hibiscus plant. Drink 2 cups a day and reduce your blood pressure. My current cariologist has checked my heart in every medically known way. He reported there is nothing wrong with my heart, but hypertension can be caused by the food you eat, the thoughts you think, and stress levels. OK, I am retired, debt free, and without a thing in life to worry about. Listen to Dr Berg, and read about Hibiscus. Agua de Jamaica is what it is called in Mexico, and it also detoxes a fatty liver.

Hibiscus tea is also known as Bissap, Roselle, and Agua de Jamaica. In taste it is like having unsweetened cranberry juice. Low in calories and caffeine-free, it is the perfect choice for anyone with blood pressure issues. Like Dr Berg said it is as effective as the common blood pressure med called Captropril, but less effective than Lisinopril. In 2009 a study looked at Hibiscus teas’s ability to support cholesterol maintenance. After a month participants drinking the tea daily maintained low LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. A cup of Hibiscus tea twice a day is recommended to see results. RECIPE is simple. 1 teaspoon of dried, organic hibiscus petals. OPTIONAL: 1 tablespoons of lemon juice fresh squeezed. Place petals in a cup of hot water let them steep, drink. Squeeze fresh lemon to taste. One cup with lemon has 12.5 mg of vitamin C. Now go stand outside, bare foot on the green grass, look up at the Sun and give thanks to God.

This is how simple it is. Buy a hibiscus plant they grow in any climate, very sturdy. We have a yellow one in our yard and our neighbor Javier has red ones. Pull off the petals, if any fall to the ground do not rake up and toss. Keep them, dry them and boil them and enjoy a CUP from GOD…Hibiscus tea. The tomb is empty, and I am alive because Jesus rose from the dead to give me LIFE. Palm Sunday falls on April 2, 2023 and I am celebrating NEW LIFE all over again! Carnivore

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