My sister called to report that the severe pain in her legs disappeared after 10 days on carnivore. Her husband’s back pain gone! Both in their 70’s, they enjoy eating minced beef, chicken, fish and steak, until they are full. Being full is their only measuring device. Thriving on protein with great side effects.

GOOD for the Body. Beef , chicken , fish and pork

Eighteen months ago I was placed on psych meds for anxiety. The ambulance has delivered me to ER on 4 separate occasions for severe hypertension. The anxiety meds give me terrible nightmares. This 7 minute testimony got me back on Carnivore.

Why not try carnivore for 6 weeks? I have nothing to lose except anxiety, fear, allergies, IBS, hypertension and weight! There are many voices out there, and many contradict what is good for the body. This blog goes out publically, so I expect a bit of criticism, however, we all do what we are led to do. Inflammation, intestinal bloating, swollen ankles, allergies and constipation have been deleted from the lives of many on the Carnivore way of eating. WARNING: Give it six weeks and record your energy level, sleep patterns, joint pain relief, headaches, and joy. This woman was diagnosed with arthiritis at age 7, OCD and ANXIETY. She was medicated at age 10. Empty the foods you cannot have out of the house.

The most important thing to me is feeling good without a fear of going to bed. My anxiety attacks strike at 2 AM. I awake with heart palpitations as I am in the midst of a violent dream. More details of Emilie’s short story gives me a knowing that on carnivore I will get back in chemical balance in my brain. Praise God.

I believe God wants me well, and I pray in faith to be delivered from anxiety. During one severe episode the holy Presence of God came upon me. “Be still and just receive.” When I awoke, it was 4 hours later. Without fear, I took my BP and it was exactly 120/80. Trusting that God will use my full recovery for His glory, He led me to hear the Emily testimony. You can follow Emily and Dr Anthony on Instagram. Recently I stopped taking my “chill pill” 😎 but for 2 days I got zero sleep. So with a renewed mind, I am carnivore on purpose to wean myself off any pysch meds. My symptom is extreme tightness in my chest before my BP elevates. I am confident that I will be able to stop taking 5 mg of Alprazolam to sleep with nightmares. Any weight loss will be a bonus, my goal is be all that I can be while I am on planet earth.

Seasoning can be a trigger to IBS. Eliminate sugar and cheese to begin with and just add dairy products as a condiment. Enjoy Jimmy Dean sausage and eggs. Eat fatty meat until you are full. Don’t over think it, enjoy chicken, fish, beef and water. Shred some cheese ontop of the burger and monitor how your body feels. Use sour cream over a juicy steak. You do not need to fast, just eat a meal when you are hungry. Coffee comes from a bean, it taste bitter which is a signal from your taste buds to your brain. It is a stimulant that can cause inflamation and high blood pressure. Having something HOT in a CUP is what every person misses. I now carry Jamaica petals in my purse, add water and WOW it satisfies as it lowers blood pressure. No alcohol as there are no long term benefits. Avoid the naysayers, we do not need to justify why we eat what we choose while out with others. If you slip up and eat a dinner bun, or have some rice, just get back to meat and water the next day. Dr Anthony Chaffee is a neurosurgeon and in pre-med in Seattle at the age of 20 he chose to eliminate what is not good fuel for the body. Read comments on this post for more carnivore fans who share what they eat on carnivore. High Blood Pressure check this high antioxidant flower out BP Reducer


If you are serious about recovery from whatever, and losing weight click in MEAT HEADS and after much research and listening to dozens of podcasts. Short cuts to compact information. TIPS for MEAT Eaters ALSO KISS Depression GoodBye What is making me consipated? What am I eating that makes me feel sluggish? What are lectins?

Another favorite is Dr Mason who gets into the science for all those who love the research and details. Follow Dr Anthony Chaffee on Instagram and marvel at how he and his girl grill, smoke, BBQ and bake meat treats and even pizza. More info on A Lectin Impact Keeping it simple, this Doctor walks his talk and after 20 years on Carnivore he is thriving.

Life as a Christian is not always easy. Our faith is tested through trials, but we come out without a scent of smoke! We persevere in faith, and we reach out for help. The Body of Christ expands with the people we need, just when we need it. I pray that my journey will help another. The Girl I Was

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