Cool Colima

The Grand View Suites in the state of Colima, is surrounded by the largest seaport in Mexico. The GV hotel has comfortabke beds (Room DF King bed and quiet) air conditioning, WIFI, private pools, room safe, and a view of the Pacific ocean. Drive a short distance to Club Santiago and enjoy the Oasis restaurant 😎 and a stroll on the beach.

The city of Colima has two volcanoes and the toll road has been improved as it swirls atop mountains. Srop in Colima at the Fiesta Inn for a great breakfast and a clean pit stop. Take the first “Central” exit into Colima, hang to the right. (pass university)

The swimming pools view the ocean. The hotel also has a grand terrace that overlooks Santiago beach. After a short walk from the hotel, your toes sink into a luxurious soft sand. Bring long sleeves for the air conditioned room.

Having stayed in over 15 different hotels, air BnB’s, condos and All Inclusive Resorts in Manzanillo, the Grand View Suites has great service reviews. 👍 Cafe inside La Comer in Manzanillo is a divine place to shop. The new mall is now a tomb.

The toll road (Cuota) to Colima has much improved. The drive is relaxing with 4 lanes most all the way. When we return home we take the backroad through Jocotopex, San Juan Cosala, and dine at Tango in Ajijic. We departed Chapala on a Sunday at 7:30 AM and arrived at 1 PM with a stop in Colima for a great breakfast. We returned home on a Tuesday at 9:30 AM and did not encounter very many trucks going towards Guad. On Tuesday the truck traffic to Manzanillo was pretty heavy.

Best beach months in Mexico are from the month of November thru April. The stormy rains of May add humidity. The water cools from drenching rains with high winds. Black Flags on the beach warn of a undertow danger…so swim in da pool and BBQ a steak!

Enjoy Starbucks, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Office Depot, long walks on the beach, El Vaquero Steak (next to Wal-Mart) and the El Vergel Cafe open at 8 AM seven days a week. El Vergel is also open from 5 pm – 11 pm for dinner. Just two nights at the beach and we returned home refreshed and well fed.

From Lake Chapala depart at 9 am and enjoy lunch at the Oasis before checking in at 3 pm. Safe toll roads through 4 hours of great scenery for only 475 pesos each way. A FUN getaway from routine. REMEMBER: God created variety for our pleasure! Variety has zero calories, and it is the spice in life that our Father knows we need. Different people all seeking to be fulfilled. Share your hope “God loves ❤️ you and He has plans to bless you. “

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