Beach Carnivore

Two nights at the beach ⛱️ 😎 adds the needed variety to your walk, and your lifestyle. Have binged on words from many coaches, and my new tribe of doctors insist that fatty meats and butter are the best thing for my heart. Hooray for Keto/Carnivore

Strictly carnivore can at times, seem very limiting. Being too serious, we can all lose our laughter. It was great to spend a few days with a vegetarian amiga. We love each other no matter what we eat! No judgements, just pure friendship. We do what works for us! Lunchtime!

Yes, altogether, I ate probably one slice of tomato and one slice of onion, on track with a Keto weekend. It was well worth it. Avacado is a healthy fat, add bacon rinds for the crunch. Dr Anthony Chaffee and the FIVE MINUTE coach talk about how to accelerate success. The Five Gal drinks coffee.

Enjoyed my coffee with heavy whipping cream and a drop of fine grade, pure liquid Stevia. Some experts warn folks to not drink coffee or stevia as we could have loose bowels. We must all listen to our bodies, and loose stools are not my problem. I got no issues with my gut, and coffee works for me.

I’m happy with my progress. Sleep improved, allergies gone, weight dropped. I base my success on how I feel, not on the scale. Loose clothes feel great! Toes in the sand with a heart full of gratitude does anybody good. At Soriana, I found the perfect sized air fryer. What a great place to pick up steaks, too! I am looking forward to returning with my hubby and exploring.

So spice it up on occasion and do whatever works for you. I’ll be searching for a rental at Club Santiago and I’ll bring my air fryer. Set the table and suck in a glorious view! Adding more butter to my life.

3 thoughts on “Beach Carnivore

  1. It’s an individual thing I reckon I was great for the first 4 and weeks 11 to now (14) have not been fun and I’ve questioned the whole premise. But I know it’s going to get better as decades of vegetables
    , sugar, coffee and chocolate etc and 4 years of SIBO need time to heal. I am so glad this group exists for support ❤️🙏🏻


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