Easy is Best

Beginning a new way of eating for your health? Filtering all the posted info by the tried and true. đź‘ŤResults and research is what keeps me motivated. I chose to donate my basket Air Fryer and opted for an oven door model for easier cleaning. The Holstein brand, with simple knobs, not digital! A drip pan, basket, and oven light to watch my steaks and bacon crackling to perfection.

Joined the April 30 day Carnivore Challenge by Dr Anthony Chaffee. Picked up great tips, recipes, ways of overcoming. Dr Anthony posted the blood panel results of a regular patient with is consent. I chose carnivore to correct my metabolic disorder. High fat, salt, butter, bacon, steaks. Not feeling deprived, but satisfied.

The FIVE MINUTE gal sums up Carnivore in 12 minutes with clips of Dr Chaffe, Baker and other experts.

One discussion on my April challenge came from a person with a medical background. Labs after 1 year on Carnivore: (-) down (+) increase.

TTL cholesterol – 17 pts
HDL up + 10 points
LDL – 25 points
Triglycerides – 113 points

From April 18th 2022
To April 10th 2023

Dr Anthony Chaffee.

A 20 year old eliminated foods to fix her Metabolic Syndrome. Off all meds.

One concern voiced: “Meat is a conversion from plant protein to animal proteins. Glycogenation and its breakdown are critical. Im not 100% sold on any exclusive diet. I fear that while strictly Carnivore, I miss nutrients. I read that red meat causes an inflammatory response from C -reactive protein, free radicals.”

Doctor response: LUNCH MEAT has extra sodium and should be avoided. A link to a study on red meat from one of Dr Berry’s videos. Bottom line: unprocessed meat does NOT cause inflammation. Do research and listen to new science. If your current way of eating got you metabolically unwell, then try Carnivore for 30 days. There is zero evidence that fresh red meat causes inflammation. Do what works best for you. Add butter, limit fruit, veggies and eat fatty meat. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7850054/

One thought on “Easy is Best

  1. NEW AIR FRYER: Half a slab of bacon, cut strips in half place on wire rack. Position on upper rack with drip pan below. DIAL to HEAT 160 F – DIAL to AIR FRY – DIAL to HIGH – DIAL to 15 minutes. When you close the door, the unit turns on. When time is up, it dings, and shuts off. Oven light allows you to see if you want to flip your meat, or take out earlier. OPEN the DOOR, oven shuts off. The timer will ding when it goes off. Do NOT force timer to shut off. Just leave it ticking while you enjoy your BACON crispy.

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