Truth Does Not have Sides

“Truth Doesn’t Have A Side” A fascinating book that outlines the life, hardships, sacrifices and accomplishments of Bennet Omalu, MD who acted as the Chief Medical Examiner for San Joaquin County. Dr Omaly is the President and Medical Director of Bennet Omalu Pathology. He also serves as a Clinical Professor and Associate Physician Diplomate at the UC, Davis Medical Center, Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. The physician who made the initial discovery of CTE, is a forensic neuropathologist. Bennet I. Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH, overcame massive efforts to discredit him and his research, and today CTE is widely recognized as a health risk in millions of patients with histories of repetitive brain trauma, including military veterans.

My son Jason had played football for St. Mary’s and Lincoln High Schools in Stockton, California and little did I know who would be praying over his body in the morgue as I was flying from Mexico to identify his body. I can only imagine that Dr Omalu leaned over Jason’s big body and asked “What happened, Lord please help me uncover the truth.” The night my son crashed to the floor with a heart attack, his cousin witnessed his hard fall and called the ambulance. Jason was taken to Dameron hospital and because his attending cousin was so shaken, a suspicion was investigated with an autopsy. It was confirmed that Jason had a heart attack. What are the chances that this man of God, from Nigeria would be the very man that our Father in heaven would have determine the cause of my son, Jason Newell’s death? What is even more amazing is that I was on a Christian cruise — floating somewhere near San Juan Puerto Rico with 800 other followers of Jesus when I chose to isolate myself in my cabin for some alone time with God. After time praying and crying out, I turned the on the tube and watched the movie ‘Concussion’ with Will Smith. The cruise was planned to distance myself on the one year anniversary of my son’s premature death. A year later a friend of mine who had met Dr Omalu at a bookstore, emailed me his picture to tell me that this wonderful man had examined my son’s heart. On the cruise my husband and I enjoyed nightly worship sessions with Nicole C. Mullen, Veritas, Natalie Grant, Selah, Travis Cottrell and Sandi Patty…..Little did I know at the time of what God had plan to reveal to me a year later.

We sailed the Atlantic on the Eurodam to attend an island outreach in Puerto Rico. “Rejoice and pray without ceasing, because this is the will of God.” 1 Thess 5:16. I was ready and listening to whatever the Spirit of God had to say to me in the midst of a glorious worship cruise. I stepped off the platform of faith and zipped across canyons on St. Thomas Island. Diana and I kayaked off the shores of Grand Turk Island then back to the ship to endure the faithfulness of God as I was unable to partake of all the joy. I wisely chose not to skip over my emotions. The Psalmist wrote “my teeth dry up”. There are moments when we are all stilled and silenced before our Peace Maker. I was boldly quiet as the Lord attended to my soul.

Today the DVD “Concussion” arrived via Amazon Mexico and on July 14,2022 I watched this incredible slice of Dr Omalu’s amazing life. Last week I listened to his book “Truth Doesn’t Have a Side”. Our Father has His ways, which are not ours, and boy am I glad. This post is to say thanks to Dr Omalu for all that he was required to sacrifice in order to speak his truth. With overwhelming gratitude I thank God for Dr Omalu and his dedication to being the very best at what he does! When offered a position in Washington DC, after prayer and most likely consulting his beautiful bride, he humbly chose to live in Lodi, California and work in Stockton. THANK YOU DR OMALU! There are a lot of people I look forward to seeing in heaven, my son, Jesus, Paul, Ruth, Amos and Bennet Omalu.

Dr. Omalu was the Coroner in Stockton, California while living in Lodi. Remembering my son Jason Newell with fond memories and lots of LOVE. Good Grief

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