Believe In Yourself: Our Thoughts Have Power

10-Things-Positive-People-Dont-DoPositive people appreciate the simple, tiny joys in life. Applying the wisdom of a great book entitled “The Word Fast”.  Renewing your mind, training your thoughts so that you can make a POSITIVE impact on those in your world.

Jay Colby

“Our Thoughts Become Reality”

The powers of our thoughts are an essential factor to our overall success in life. When we’re on the journey to success and we are in “changing mindset” stage. It can be difficult to truly understand how powerful our thoughts are and how they can affect us. The first step we have to do is changing our thoughts and messages that we allow entering our mind. Without doing so we can fall into a trap of fear and complacency. Here are five methods anyone can use to get their thoughts align to reach their predestined greatness.

1. Appreciate the joys of life – Sometimes throughout our life we can get bogged down with life and this can affect our thoughts. We take our joys and blessings for granted, but when take pride or joy in these blessings. Our thoughts will automatically improve and will help us…

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